Forging Titanium Episode 14: Twisti Part 1 – Android Module

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Editor’s note: This and future episodes of Forging Titanium are available here. This week’s episode of Forging Titanium will be part 1 in a 3 part series. In this series we will be creating a fun little experiment called “Twisti”. In this app we’ll be taking on a whole host of advanced Titanium features, as well as leveraging both platform specific and web-based development capabilities. We’ll touch on native Android module development, 3D rendering and animation in WebViews, and realtime communication via sockets. Today, though, we’ll specifically be covering how to create a native Android module for use in our Titanium apps. This module in particular will be a souped up version of the core `Titanium.Accelerometer` module. We will not only return accelerometer data, but also data regarding the magnetic field of the device so we can determine its physical orientation. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, then perhaps you’ll want to stick around for the sneak peek at Part 2 at the end. There we’ll show you a demo of how this data can be used to render a 3D animated version of your phone right in a Titanium WebView!

Episode Resources:

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  1. Kevin

    Nice! Can’t wait to see the other two parts.

  2. Grievs

    Wich eclipse are you using ? For java developers ? Thanks!

  3. Grievs: Yes, I’m using the standard Java version of Eclipse, with the Android Development Tools plugin. You can actually add the ADT to Titanium Studio and do all your development there as well. Here’s a link to our wiki guide for the setup:

  4. Grievs

    Thanks alot for the help!

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