1.7.5 Release Now Available

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We are happy to announce that after the resolution of some critical issues with our 1.7.4 release, we are now able to certify and release version 1.7.5 of the Titanium Mobile SDK. The 1.7.5 release addresses the issues uncovered with the 1.7.4 release, and should be considered the best current, stable version of the Titanium Mobile SDK. If you were among the small number of people that had downloaded version 1.7.4 when it was available, we encourage you to immediately upgrade to 1.7.5. The official release notes for 1.7.5 are located here. Thank you as always to all our users, and we appreciate your patience this week.  Titanium Studio should prompt you to update automatically, but you can check for the 1.7.5 update by selecting “Check For Titanium SDK Updates…” in the “Help” menu of Titanium Studio.

Bugs Squashed

  • [TIMOB-5229] – iOS: Cannot compile any projects to simulator when running xcode 4.2 with iOS SDK 4.3
  • [TIMOB-5494] – iOS: userDefaults not remembering the properties that were set

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  1. DH

    Will somebody there please fix the svn issue (trying to include svn folders) in the builder.py for android. This has never been fixed and I cannot build until I modify the file.

  2. Peter Willemsen

    Thanks! I’m happy you guys responded this fast.

  3. Stephen

    I’m still hazy on something:

    Do I need the *old* iOS SDK to use these latest versions? I tried to get a Titanium project up and running a few weeks back and it refused to run against the current stable release that Apple put out

  4. Kevin Whinnery

    @Stephen you should be able to use the latest iOS SDK with this release. If you’re having problems, we’d love to help you find answers on the Q&A (can send a link to community at appcelerator.com)

    @DH can you provide more detail on the subversion folder issue you mentioned? Send us a mail at community and we’ll make sure we have a JIRA open for it.

  5. Dave M

    Is anyone else having problems with their build of app using 1.7.5 with iPhone camera going to black screen after move and scale in phone using ios4? built the same app in 1.7.3 and had no problem.

  6. Ivan Skugor

    @DH – it’s fixed in 1.8

  7. Derek

    @Dave M, I’m having s similar problem with the camera as well. I upgraded recently and now even KitchenSink using the camera doesn’t work. I also don’t know where to easily get 1.7.3 so I’m stuck right now.

    • Kevin Whinnery

      Derek, I will take a look into this to confirm it has been addressed in 1.8 as Ivan said. In the meantime, here is the 1.7.3 SDK: https://api.appcelerator.net/?token=j4tpprY6

  8. I just found all my apps crash with 1.75, I use setTimer to delay the creation of some objects, the callback is a delegate so that I retain object scope. In 1.73 works fine, in 1.75 it just crashes.

    • Kevin Whinnery

      Hi Grant – if you can provide a fail case and enter a ticket in our community JIRA project, we can take a look.

  9. Legend Zhang

    Modules does not work in the sample app with Appcelerator’s Paint module. I had put the modules forder ti.paint to /Library/Application Support/Titanium/modules/iphone/ on mac osx lion and my xcode is 4.2.

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