Twitter Library Contest Winner

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The time has come to announce the winner of the Twitter library competition. After long consideration, we’ve decided that Erik Bryn is the winner of the competition! While all the libraries submitted had their strengths (and flaws), we thought Erik’s code was the cleanest to patch and maintain going forward for the community. Erik’s Twitter library will be forked, cleaned up, and presented in a special episode of Forging Titanium for next week, where we will demonstrate how to download and use the library from the appcelerator-titans GitHub repository. Also, we have decided to award a second prize. Erik used Rob “bytespider” Griffith’s jsOAuth library in his winning implementation – for this contribution and in recognition of the entry he himself made in the competition, we will be awarding him a $100 Amazon gift card. Thanks to all those who submitted entries, and we’ll see you next week for the full blown tutorial!
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  1. Congrats Erik

  2. Marc

    Great news. Had a try and it seems to work on iOS (had to make a small change, the sample app crashed when launched after already being authorised). I get a crash on Android as well. I’m guessing this is what is meant when you say you’re going to tidy it up. Nice work though.

  3. Marc

    Although, a=unable to run the sample app on an actual phone. Using an iPhone 3G here running iOS4.

  4. Pablo

    Congrats Erick!
    Now let’s dig into the code.

  5. Hey Marc, I just fixed the bug with the sample app. Sorry about that!

  6. has there been a ‘forging titanium’ ep on this yet? i can’t seem to locate it if there is.

  7. Andrew Scofield

    Any word on an official cleaned up version + a forging episode?

  8. JeffAtStepup

    Nice work Erik and Rob!

    Make sure you take the latest version of jsOAuth from Rob’s github, there’s a few typos in the one bundled on Erik’s github repo.

  9. David

    It’s been another month with no word of a cleaned up version and a forked version. Is this still in the works? I’m currently beginning to work on a Twitter component for my application.

    • Kevin Whinnery

      It is – the winning version had issues on Android 2.3 that we haven’t yet had the time to sort out. We’ll get on this in the next week.

  10. Getting this finished would be very helpful. Any update on it?

  11. Any update on this? It works fine for me on ios but has issues on Android. Main issue is that the loading screen hangs after logging in.

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