Titanium Mobile 1.7.3 Release Is Live

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Our latest patch release for Titanium Mobile has arrived in 1.7.3 – this release includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements, including:
  • Compatibility with iOS 5
  • CommonJS module implementation fixes
  • Debugger improvements
  • Much more

Thank you as always to all our users, and let us know what you think!  Titanium Studio should prompt you to update automatically, but you can check for the 1.7.3 update by selecting “Check For Updates…” in the “Help” menu of Titanium Studio.

The full 1.7.3 Release Notes are available here.
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  1. hiron

    It seems that Titanium Studio downloads zipped archive mobilesdk-1.7.3-osx.zip and expands it. Could you show me an URL of the zip file?
    I have another build environment which is not connected to the Internet. So I’m going to download the zip and expand it manually.

  2. tom

    can you plz provide a download link? am not a Ti Studio user.

  3. Ricardo

    Thanks to all the Titanium staff for a great product, and for the update of course!

  4. Nice update…the CommonJS fix in particular.
    Guys you can always download the individual builds here…

    …then easily import them into TI and start building.

  5. saint_n

    I have downloaded the SDK 1.7.3 and Facing one problem. As here mentioned SDK 1.7.3 is iOS5 compatible. I am having iOS5 and titanium SDK 1.7.3.

    I have created a new sample project which contains only default tab code. Nothing else i have written extra. When i run the project it’s firing error. Which i have asked as question over here,


    but not found any solution.

    I downloaded master build (1.8.0) from continuous builds. It’s working fine but it’s having some problem in imageview and background images.

    I want to use only 1.7.3 can any one help me. Please.

    I really want iOS5 compatibility for iCloud. Thanks

    • Matt Apperson

      I have posted an answer to your question in the Q&A… looks like it was just a corrupted download of the 1.7.3 SDK files.

  6. Steve

    I found a list of builds for those that are after urls:


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