Google’s new Android SDK Tools revision 14

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Yesterday, Google updated it’s Android SDK Tools to revision 14, and with it was introduced a much clearer UI to manage your packages. To benefit from this release, launch the Android AVD and Package Manager, select the Installed packages menu and click the “Update All…” button. Accept the Tools and Platform-tools items and reject all other updates that may be listed on your system: screenshot Once complete, you will be prompted to restart the application, at which point you will be presented with the new Interface. You will notice that the Android AVD and Package Manager has now been renamed as simply, “Android SDK Manager”. Use the checkboxes at the bottom to filter between updated and new packages and installed packages. Tick both Updates/New and Installed, click the Deselect All link, and then look through the list and tick all those with the message Updates available, shown in the Status column. Then click the Install x packages… button, to bring your installed packages up-to-date. screenshot The following shows the packages that we recommend at the time of writing, but it’s always useful to refer to the Titanium Compatibility Matrix for the latest information: screenshot You will notice that all references to Android virtual devices (AVDs) have been removed, but it is now available from the Tools > Manage AVDs menu at the top. screenshot Just as with every other time you have installed or updated your Android packages, you will need to delete any AVDs that have been replaced by new revisions, otherwise they won’t be used. Unless you have modified any AVD’s hardware configuration, it’s easier to simply clear all existing AVDs altogether. Thus, select each one in turn and click the delete button to do this. screenshot Have fun and CODESTRONG!
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