CODESTRONG Companion App

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The companion app for CODESTRONG is now available for both iOS and Android devices! And yes, this includes the latest addition to our supported devices, the NOOK Color. This app shows you first hand how a native app and user experience can be delivered using a single code base with Titanium.

Information and Features

With the CODESTRONG companion app you’ll have the following information and features at your disposal.
  • Up to date schedule of events
  • Details on all speakers at the conference
  • Information, rules, and prizes for the Hackathon
  • Maps of the venue
  • Twitter CODESTRONG and Appcelerator news feeds
  • Details about CODESTRONG and the companion app
  • A listing of all the sponsors that helped make CODESTRONG possible

And There’s More…

In addition to making the CODESTRONG companion app available to all iOS and Android users, we’re also giving you full access to the source code. You can take a look under the hood yourself and see how we used cross platform code to create a native experience. You can even build your own conference companion app based on it. Just head over to Github and start looking through the appcelerator/Codestrong repository. NOTE: The CODESTRONG companion app is built using the latest 1.8.0 continuous integration builds of the Titanium mobile SDK.

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