CODESTRONG 2011 Videos and Slides Now Available

CODESTRONG 2011 was awesome: see for yourself! Videos and slides from CODESTRONG 2011 keynotes and first set of breakout sessions are now available to the entire community at the CODESTRONG 2011 Videos page. Videos and slides from the remaining breakout sessions and bonus videos will be added soon.

Sharing Project Assets with Android Intents

As discussed in prior posts on the Developer Blog (here and here), Intents are one of the most powerful features of Android. They allow you to leverage existing applications installed on an Android device to do your work for you. In today’s example, I’m going to show you how to use Intents to display a […]

Introducing Appcelerator’s Open Mobile Marketplace Webcast

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s “Introducing Appcelerator’s Open Mobile Marketplace: webcast. For those of you who missed it, please check out the slides and video from the presentation below. Launched less than two weeks ago, Appcelerator’s Open Mobile Marketplace is the new one-stop-shop for buying, selling and sharing high-quality Titanium mobile app components. This […]

Calling all Titanium Hackers! Prove your skills and win!

Here at Appcelerator Developer Relations, there’s nothing we like more than a winner-take-all fight to the finish over who can write the best code. And it’s been over a week since we ran a developer contest, so we’re starting to get a little twitchy. In that spirit, we’ve decided to announce a Titanium development battle […]

Admob for Android: Module, Tutorial, and Code

We are happy to announce that we now have a free and open source Titanium Admob module for Android. This compliments the existing Admob module for iOS. You can find the source code and distribution files for both at the titanium_modules Github repository. Under the admob/mobile/android directory you’ll find the new Android version. If you […]

Titanium and the Kindle Fire

Hey everybody, So there’s been a lot of buzz today about the impending release of the Kindle Fire, at an equally blazing price point of $199 USD. And for good reason – it seems like the Fire will be spec’ed out reasonably well. Tight integration with Amazon’s app store and content library bodes well for […]

Forging Titanium Episode 8: Mac (App Store) Attack! Part 1

With the new Mac App Store, many Mac OS X developers are taking advantage of the frictionless distribution mechanism of the Mac App Store to distribute and monetize desktop applications. In fact, some top Mac App Store apps have been written and distributed using Titanium! In this multi-part series, we will explore the APIs and […]

Catch Jeff Haynie at PayPal’s x.commerce Innovate Developer Conference

Fearless Leader will be on a panel discussion about HTML5 “versus” native mobile applications at this year’s x.commerce Innovate Developer Conference. We don’t think it’s a binary decision, and Jeff will be on hand to help explain. You can check out further details on the session here. The x.commerce Innovate Conference is put on annually […]


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