Marketplace beta submissions are rolling in! Last chance to get in the Marketplace launch!

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A few weeks ago we announced our Marketplace beta program (’s-marketplace-join-the-beta-program.html) and asked for submissions of cool design elements, sample apps, or modules/extensions to Titanium … basically anything that can be used in a Titanium app.

We got some great submissions! For example, SingularTouch submitted his sample “Mosaic” module, complete with a full app, doc, video, etc. A great example of what we’re looking for:

Check out the demo video here:

Jen Gordon is going to provide a whole slew of graphical assets to make mobile apps visually appealing:

Do you have a module, sample app, or design element that you’d like to submit to the Marketplace beta? • Submit your Marketplace assets to us by Sunday, August 21st by midnight Pacific time • Modules will be accepted and promoted on the basis of quality and variety, on a first-come first-served basis • We are looking for submissions in each of these categories: Titanium modules/extensions, sample apps, and graphical assets • Submission instructions are located here

Need some help? We have several resources to help you create your asset:

Module Developer Guide for iOS Module Developer Guide for Android

Packaging your module for Marketplace beta submission (4 min. screencast):

Interested in submitting your asset to the Marketplace? Visit here.

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  1. SingularTouch

    Great job Appcelerator Team!!


  2. Benoit

    Looking forward to buying in this marketplace! When will market be open for business?

  3. We’re launching in the next 4-6 weeks. Stocking the shelves now 😉

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