Community Issue/Bug Tracking

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We are very interested in identifying, prioritizing, and resolving bugs raised by members of the community. Without your help, the Titanium Platform cannot hope to reach its full potential. Many of you have been helping us in this ongoing effort by logging tickets in Q&A that are:
  • well-researched (accurate, no duplicates)
  • clear
  • concise
  • factual (no conjecture)
  • well-defined (including platforms used, SDK versions, environment)
  • include a minimalist usecase
These tickets have been very much responsible for making Titanium a better platform, far more quickly than it otherwise would have been. To improve this process, we have created the Titanium Community project to act as a clearing house for new tickets. A ticket created here will be checked for completeness and improved by a member of our team or a qualified Titan, with the help of the person who raised it. Using this process reduces the time our core teams will spend administering tickets, when they could be writing code. We will then submit the ticket to the respective core project, where our internal teams will set its priority, and develop and test a solution. As a reporter, you will automatically be notified of any updates, and we encourage others to watch tickets that are hindering their projects, to help us understand an issue’s prevalence. Although we must emphasize that we cannot, regrettably, guarantee any response times, we do have regular “bug scrubs” where we pay close attention to our community and customer feedback. To get started contributing to this project, please register for an account on our system. Be sure to keep in mind the guidelines above, together with those explained in the Submitting Bug Reports guide. Thanks in advance for all of your keen eyes! 😉
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