Changing the Log Level in TiStudio

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Editor’s note: This blog post is a basic tutorial, a more update version of this tutorial is always available on the wiki. Titanium Studio is a very powerful tool for development, and like many other applications that provide such a robust set of capabilities, one of the most important parts of being a proficient developer is knowing where to access the features you need. Seeing the log output from your project is vital to debugging your application.  In Titanium Studio, there are currently 5 Log Level options: Trace, Debug, Info, Warn, Error.  Trace being the most detailed and Error only showing error messages. Each application can have its own log level setting by following these simple instructions:
  • In the top menu bar, click ‘Run’, then click on ‘Run Configurations…’.
  • Click on your project in the list of iOS and Android Projects
  • Select your desired log level in the Log Level drop down
  • Click on ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the window
  • From here you can run your project by clicking on ‘Run’ or close the ‘Run Configurations’ by clicking on ‘Close’.
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  1. Ivan Skugor

    No options for Android device …

  2. Hi Alan,

    I always see DEBUG logs, no matter how I configure a project. If I set Log Level to “Error”, stil shows debug information, which is so annoying. Changes are applied and saved correctly. Any idea?

    Using sdk 1.7.2 and last Ti Studio version on Mac.


  3. Will Warren

    I have the same problem and versions as Alan.

  4. Hal Burgiss

    Ditto. Not like the old Titanium Developer where it was easy to adjust the debug levels with 1.7.5 SDK.

    • Joel Saldaña

      Hi, where do I find the log level?

      I have titanium 3.4.1 but after selecting my project on run configurations, there is no any log level option

      • For titanium version 3.4.1 You would find the log level in the console itself. there is a icon to immediately to the left of the minimize icon in the console.

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