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We’re always looking for new ways for developers to build their businesses on Titanium. One of the exciting opportunities that we will be launching in a few weeks is the Titanium Marketplace, where our 1.5 million developers can buy and sell all the cool pieces of software that make Titanium applications great … things like native UI/design elements, templates, modules, frameworks, and extensions to Titanium. We’re well down the road on the storefront; now we’re looking to stock those shelves! Prior to officially launching we are opening a beta publisher program for developers who would like to get in on the ground floor. Much like our other beta programs, we’ll give a first peek at the Marketplace to those who register early. Have you created a cool design element, template, or module/extension to Titanium that can be used in a Titanium app? Then sell your work on Appcelerator’s Marketplace … Here’s the skinny: • Making money is easy: Earn 70% on every sale. You can offer free trials too. • Sell 24/7: Make money around the clock • Quick setup: Already a Titanium developer? Then you’re already registered to sell! Join the beta and be the first to hear about the Marketplace launch!
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