Introducing Titanium Studio and Titanium Mobile 1.7

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Appcelerator Titanium Studio™ is now released and available for immediate download! Upgrade today and improve your mobile development productivity with Appcelerator’s new enterprise-grade IDE built on Aptana Studio.

Titanium Mobile 1.7 is also available today. It’s now 5-times faster to build apps for Android and iOS has tons of upgrades, including universal binary support.

We had over 500 developers sign up for our new Titanium Indie and Professional subscriptions last month. Now we’re making it even easier by offering a 30-day free trial on both products. Test drive premium software in Indie and premium software and support in Professional.

Introducing Titanium Studio

Use Titanium Studio to rapidly build, test and deploy mobile, desktop and web applications. Take advantage of new functionality like code completion, Git integration and a full-featured editor. Manage Titanium projects, test your app in the simulator or on device, automate app packaging and much more … all from within the new Titanium Studio.

Titanium Studio is an upgrade and replacement for Titanium Developer. Titanium Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that will enhance the user’s experience while developing on the Titanium Platform.  All of the latest Mobile and Desktop SDKs will be maintained and kept up to date by Titanium Studio.  In addition to the nice features of an IDE ( i.e. syntax highlighting, content assist, code validation etc.) Titanium Studio also provides tight integration with the scripts used to create and run Titanium Projects.

We strongly encourage all users to begin migrating their development workflow to Titanium Studio. Titanium Developer source code will continue to be available through an Apache 2 open source license.

Check out the video, "Getting Started and the Development Workflow with Titanium Studio"

Titanium Mobile 1.7

Nothing beats a Titanium mobile release and 1.7 is a big one. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fastdev for Android speeds prototyping and testing by enabling local changes to become instantly available to your application while the simulator is running. This eliminates the time-consuming steps of packaging, building and deploying apps for each change.
  • New cross platform APIs for TCP/IP networking: Sockets and Streams, and supporting APIs for managing Buffers and Codecs.
  • Universal Binaries: develop a single app for deployment on iPhone and iPad
  • Major improvements related to memory management and memory leaks for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) which substantially improves stability and performance.

Read the Titanium Mobile 1.7 Release Notes for the full list of enhancements and fixes. Download Titanium Mobile 1.7 from within Titanium Studio or at

New 30-Day Free Trial on
Titanium Indie & Titanium Professional

Our new Titanium subscriptions offer something for everyone, from indie developers to corporate development teams. As you download Titanium Studio, please choose the Titanium edition that is best for you:

  • Titanium Indie—Free 30-day trial—get all the software you need to build great apps including: Titanium Studio with mobile debugging, Titanium Mobile, Titanium+Plus modules that extend your apps to the cloud, and early access to new software.
  • Titanium Professional—Free 30-day trial—get all the Indie software plus access to Appcelerator helpdesk professionals. Yes, you can test drive support during the trial!
  • Titanium Community—Free—get the core Titanium mobile SDK for iOS and Android and Titanium Studio (all current features except mobile debugging).

Upgrade to Titanium Studio now. Choose the free 30-day trial for Titanium Indie or Titanium Professional and you won’t be billed until after your trial period ends.

New Release Webcast

Join us for a new release webcast on June 21st, 9AM PST to learn more about Titanium Studio and the updates in Titanium Mobile 1.7. We’ll walk through several demos and have our engineering team on hand to answer your questions.

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