Titanium Studio 1.0 Preview with Titanium Mobile Debugging

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Today we are very pleased to announce a preview of Titanium Studio.

Titanium Studio is built on top of Aptana Studio, the enterprise-grade IDE acquired by Appcelerator in January. This preview release includes all of the current Aptana Studio 3.0 features and introduces debugging, code completion and much more for your Titanium Mobile projects. Use the Titanium Studio Preview to check out the following new features:

  • iOS and Android debugging
  • Code completion for Titanium Mobile SDK methods
  • Run, Deploy and Package Titanium Mobile and Titanium Desktop Applications
  • Full-featured HTML, JS, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and Python editing support
  • FTP/SFTP/FTPS/Capistrano deployment options
  • Integrated Git Support
  • Integrated Terminal
  • Fully scriptable and customizable

Download and Installation

Visit the Titanium Studio Preview Download page for download and installation instructions. To use debugging functionality, you’ll need to download two packages:

  • Titanium Studio 1.0 (available on Mac OS, Windows, Linux-32-bit and Linux-64-bit
  • Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7.Preview (Supports both iOS and Android -required to preview debugging features)
Review the emerging Titanium Studio docs (and help build them out) in the Appcelerator Wiki.

Known Issues

As is the case with all preview releases, the core functionality is in place and there will be some bugs. You’ll find that Titanium Studio 1.0 Preview is a solid release. The Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7 introduces debugging functionality, but may have undesirable bugs, regressions and partial features. Appcelerator does not encourage using Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7 Preview for creating production apps.

Known issues related to the Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7 Preview include:

  • Android: Debugger sessions occasionally don’t connect when emulator is launched.
  • iOS: Ti.API methods do not forward to debugger ‘log’
  • iOS: Can’t inspect array contents
  • iOS: Evaluations (for the purposes of setting variables) are all performed as operations on strings
  • Review the Titanium Studio Preview and Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7 known issues in the Appcelerator Issue Tracker

    Titanium Community members should log bug reports to the Developer Center Q&A Forum. Appcelerator subscribers should log bug reports to the Appcelerator Help Desk.

    The GA release for Titanium Studio 1.0 is targeted for later in Q2 2011.

    This video shows the basics of the new Titanium Studio Debugger:

    – Setting / Removing a Breakpoint

    – Switching to the Debug Perspective

    – Examining the Call Stack

    – Expanding and modifying variables while suspended

    – Using resume, step over, and step into

    – Setting Breakpoint Conditions
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