What’s New In Titanium Mobile 1.5

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Earlier today, we shared some of the cool new features and enhancements to Titanium Mobile that were rolled out in the 1.5 release, along with a peek at a very cool Augmented Reality application developed by Conrad Fuhrman, author of the upcoming Titanium book The Native Advantage. Chief among these improvements were massive upgrades to the coverage and stability of our Android APIs. For more in depth information on developing native apps for Android, as well as techniques for code organization and cross-platform development for Titanium Mobile JavaScript applications, please join us for an in depth webinar tomorrow on those topics, plus Q&A with our lead Android developers.

Please find below a recording of today’s webinar with slides. Thanks for checking out 1.5!

What’s New in Titanium Mobile 1.5 from Appcelerator Video Channel on Vimeo.

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