Festivus Celebration Day Two – Airing of Grievances

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Today is day two of our Festivus Celebration here at Appcelerator. The infamous Airing of Grievances.

The day one winner of the Appcelerator swag pack is @jwelch222.

As part of our giveaway today we’re releasing an Icon Pack under the Apache 2.0 license for developers to use with their own applications. This icon pack contains 98 original icons in both a light and dark format as well as 2x resolution for use with iPhone 4’s.

Here’s a preview of the Icon Pack.

You can download the Icon pack at the following link:

Icon Pack #1

Remember to win one of the Appcelerator swag packs you’ll need to follow @appcelerator on twitter and retweet that day’s message of the day on twitter. There will be one winner a day picked at random.

Today’s message and hashtag is this:

Code like it’s the year 2020, Titanium provides HTML5 and CSS3 support. If you can dream it, you can build it. #atfd2 #appcelerator

Remember to check back to see if you’re a winner and to participate in the rest of our Festivus Celebration!

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the icon pack !! It’s a Festivus Miracle !!

    btw, “I find tinsel distracting”

  2. Skoua

    Nice icons, thanks!

  3. Awesome icons, thank you so much.

  4. An excellent gift idea! Exactly what I have been needing.

  5. I notice you have some of these icons on a light grey background, is there a way of actually changing the background color of the tab bar to light grey, cause any attempts i have made have failed…

  6. Vebjørn

    Thanks a lot Appcelerator, merry christmas to all of you 🙂

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