New iOS Module Development Guide Available

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Today we’re releasing a new iOS Module Developer’s Guide. This guide shows you how to create, test and package your Titanium module for the iOS mobile platform. Lots of comprehensive instructions and examples.

Here’s the new guide:

iOS Module Developer’s Guide

We’ll be posting much more documentation — please give us feedback on what other topics you’d like to see.

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  1. This is great!

  2. It’s great! I was waiting this document!

    So I released some modules for 1.4.0.

    It’s made before reading this documents, so It’s not good sample for your new module.

    TiAdMob4iPhone and TiFacebookExt was for .
    And TiMultitouch is for new ComicReader project.

    And I’ll start “In App Purchase” module.

    If you have a interest, Please follow and message to me.

  3. karlo


  4. Sattanaathan

    Any news about Module Development Guides on Android?

    • @Sattanaathan – it’s being written right now and should be out very soon.
      @masuidrive – nice!

  5. Thanks for releasing your new guide. It’s really appreciated.

  6. Alan Bourke

    Thanks, roll on the Droid version!

  7. William Xue

    Great one! Thanks a lot for publishing it!

  8. Nick

    Cool! If anyone can come up with a Brightcove API module, I’d be eternally grateful…

    • we have a ton of modules that we’ve built that will launch very soon. brightcove is one of them. 🙂

  9. Justin

    @Nick – yes, I second that.

    Shouldn’t be too hard since they have an SDK and source code available. Just need to make it modular and work within Titanium’s framework.

    They did a nice job on converting the Zingit (barcode) library from Google into a TIModule.

  10. James

    I’d love to get the ”Building an Advanced Transaction UI with Titanium’ module that you did too!

  11. James

    within the doc, it should be double quotes around the alias name

  12. Vic

    THanks for the new documentation! I’d like to add these suggestions for module development for whoever might read this and wants to wrap nice existing xcode modules for Titanium. (Please post your own suggestions as well)

    * Nebulous Controller (DropBox api for iPhone)

    * ShareKit (Share api)

  13. sj101

    Someone wana tackle the bump api? Very easy, I just have zero knowledge of obj-c 🙁 .. willing to pay … cobrainc (at) gmail (d0t) com

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