New API Reference Guides

We’ve published the first in a series of API Reference Guides — this first guide covers TableViews for Titanium Mobile. There will be many more guides coming over the next weeks and months. (A Database API Reference Guide will be published later this week.) Check out the TableViews API Reference Guide here: Our goal […]

Dealing with multiple screens and multiple languages

In the upcoming 1.5, we’re adding some additional functionality to help you improve dealing with the various screens (thank you Android and RIM) as well as handling applications for a variety of languages around the world. These are two big areas that have needed much improvement and we’ve made some big changes (that landed this […]

Onward to 1.5 and Android awesomeness

Since 1.4, we’ve been hard at work on the next release of Titanium, 1.5, scheduled in September. In 1.5, Android is become the golden child and it’s getting a lot of love and attention and some really awesome new capabilities and fixes. I’ll outline some of the specific things that will land in 1.5 (some […]

Understanding Execution Contexts

A couple of questions have surfaced from community members recently with regard to execution contexts in a Titanium Mobile application. I thought I would take a few minutes to explain execution contexts to folks for whom the concept is still a little foggy. First, let me explain what I mean when I say “execution context”. […]

New iOS Module Development Guide Available

Today we’re releasing a new iOS Module Developer’s Guide. This guide shows you how to create, test and package your Titanium module for the iOS mobile platform. Lots of comprehensive instructions and examples. Here’s the new guide: iOS Module Developer’s Guide We’ll be posting much more documentation — please give us feedback on what other […]

Community Tips and Tricks

For folks that haven’t found it yet, there’s a question in Community Q&A that is gathering a number of suggestions for tips and tricks for development in Titanium Mobile. Here’s the direct link to the thread, but I thought I would post a couple of my favorites here on the Dev Blog. Some nice general […]

Introducing New Getting Started Guides

I’m Dave Richey, Director of Training for Appcelerator. We’re going to be expanding our documentation and training efforts for Titanium. My first project has been a series of Getting Started guides, for Mac, Windows and Linux, to help get Titanium Mobile up and running. These guides cover the steps needed to install Titanium and run […]

Titanium For New Developers (Webinar Slides)

Hi everybody, and thanks to those of you who checked out our Titanium For New Developers webinar this morning. Just wanted to quickly share the slides from this morning’s presentation, and invite you to join us tomorrow morning when we talk about the new features available in our 1.4 release. Here you go… Titanium For […]


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