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Presently – Enterprise Microblogging Now On The Desktop

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Our friends over at Intridea have just released a new desktop client for their enterprise microblogging service, Presently. They used Titanium Desktop to build out the application, which you can download here.

The desktop application rounds out the platform offerings for Presently, which include an iPhone application also built using Titanium. For more details on Presently, check out Intridea’s blog post on the launch of this new product, which replaces a version originally built on Adobe AIR. Presently for desktop is a great example of the type of interface that can be achieved using next generation web standards available in Titanium. Look for the use of CSS 3 features like rounded corners, drop shadows, gradients, and more. Presently is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so check it out today. Great work guys!

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