Building an Advanced Transaction UI with Titanium

Building advanced user interfaces in Titanium is pretty easy – once you get the hang of it. In this tutorial, I’m going to walk through how to build an advanced transactional UI – one that might be used for example in an application that captures credit card and needs a signature right on the device. […]

How to create a Tweetie-like pull to refresh table

We’ve had very many requests to add the ability to build Tweetie-like pull to refresh TableView functionality. This UI metaphor seems to have become very popular with many popular applications starting to adopt this design. Starting in the upcoming 1.4 release, you’ll be able to do this. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how […]

Help us Save the Gulf (as featured on CNN TV)

This weekend CNN featured on TV the Oil Reporter application (see video below). Oil Reporter was built on Titanium by Appcelerator partner Intridea in partnership with the Crisis Commons. How we’re doing our part While this effort has much political and environmental debate, at Appcelerator we’re simply trying to help in our own little way. […]

Better Know A Titanium Developer: Chris Marin

Welcome to part one of our 47,725 part series, Better Know A Titanium Developer! Our developer community comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and are working on some amazing projects – we thought it might be interesting to check in with some of them to share their story with the community. Today, we shine […]

Community Q&A Improvements: Round 1

Since launching the new, members of our community have shared quite a bit of feedback on the community Q&A section, which we still envision to be a great model for community members to help one another out with questions they might have. However, it was not without its shortcomings. We’ve heard your voices load […]

Titanium and iPhone OS 4

Good news! After almost 2 weeks of trials and tribulations, we’ve finally figured out the magic combination to make Titanium work across iPhone OS 4 (every beta version to date) plus older iPhone OS 3 devices. While this *should have* been very easy, some major changes to the XCode toolchain, gcc, ABI compatibility and lots […]

Push Notifications with Titanium and Urban Airship

Today our good buddies over at Urban Airship published a quick how-to on integrating Apple’s Push Notifications service into your Titanium application.  Really cool stuff – using Titanium’s client side support for push notifications with Urban Airship helping out on the server side has got to be the easiest way to get push running in […]

Sample Code and Resources

Hey everybody!  Last week (and this weekend) we did a number of presentations/webinars on cool applications being built on Titanium both by our community and by us (in the form of sample code and demos).  I thought I might take a minute to jot down some of the applications built on Titanium that you’ll want […]
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