To all 500,000 Appcelerator developers: Thanks a million.

When we started building Appcelerator, our friends played with the technology often. That was flattering, but I’ll never forget the magic moment when someone we’d never met had found Appcelerator and signed up to use it. It felt so good to know that at least one person in the world was excited about our vision.

Years later, that feeling continues. Every day new developers show up and express interest in our technology, and every day I’m humbled by it.

As we celebrate the milestone of 500,000 developers today, we aren’t merely celebrating a large number. We’re celebrating each individual who took the time to use our platform – whether you began yesterday or years ago.

Since Appcelerator is as much about people as it is about technology, we know that the sum of our community is greater than its parts. Every day we see you support one another, work with one another and gather to meet one another.

Today, we ask you to celebrate one another.

As we celebrate our first 500,000 developers and welcome the next 500,000, we just want to say: Thanks a million.

Jeff Haynie