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1. Install Preliminary Dependencies

2. Install Titanium

Install XCode

Apply for an Apple Developer Certificate. It may take a while to process.

Download XCode from the App Store.

Begin installation

Run at least once to accept license

Install developer certificate if you want to test on a device

Android SDK Manager

Download the Android SDK. From the download package, move the “sdk” folder to your home folder, and rename it to android-sdk (for convenience).

If you’re using a Mac, make sure you add the path to the Android SDK to your bash profile. For other platforms, refer to the documentation.

Add android to your ~/.bash_profile

export PATH=${PATH}:/location/to/android/tools

Extras to increase Android efficiency

Change avd to use GPU Emulation (optional)

Add keyboard support

Install x86 images if available

Find more details here

Instructions for Node.JS

1. Download Node.js from here.

2. Run the installation package

3. To confirm the installation, go to Terminal/Command Window and type:

$ node --v

That’s all! As easy as 3.1416

Install the Titanium CLI

In your terminal, run this code to install both Titanium and Alloy

$ [sudo] npm install titanium alloy -g

Welcome to the community! Don’t have an account?

Create an account here.

Install most recent version of the Titanium SDK.

$ titanium sdk install --default

Configure Titanium, and add the path to your Android SDK.

$ titanium setup

Great! You’re well on your way to building amazing projects. Learn more in our getting started guides.