Native apps. Mobile APIs. Real-time analytics. One Platform.

  • Appcelerator World map displaying regions and users engaged in real-time
    View summaries of key mobile metrics across all apps & operating systems
    A real-time, interactive view of active mobile sessions by geography
    At-a-glance count of active user sessions, in aggregate and per app

    Engage users based on rich, real-time mobile analytics.

  • App simulator screen with app showing
    Rich IDE including on-device debugger, live UI editor, code analyzer and performance profiler
    Build great, binary native apps that run across every major mobile OS
    Write in JavaScript, one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages

    Build fully native, cross-platform apps using JavaScript.

  • Appcelerator Arrow API Builder
    Build visually using point-and-click interface or build programmatically
    Orchestrate data from multiple sources, optimize payload size and convert to mobile formats
    Simple assembly of APIs, models, and connectors for any data source
    Instantly deploy data models to Arrow Cloud with zero setup effort

    Easily connect your mobile apps to any data source.

  • Push notification screen with mobile phone.
    Send notifications to specified users at prescheduled times
    Geo-based notifications give relevant information based on user location
    Customize notification behavior like sound, vibration, and badging

    Engage users with pre-built push notification service.

  • Three iPads showing analytic insights
    Visibility into the five key mobile metrics: adoption, engagement, retention, quality and conversion

    Real-time mobile insights, anywhere, anytime.

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Platform highlights:

    Write in JavaScript, run native everywhere

    Build native cross-platform apps at the speed of mobile—with no hybrid compromises.

    IDE and Titanium® SDK

    • 60-90% code reuse across device platforms
    • Delivers fully native apps for rich user experience
    • Immediate support for each new OS release
    • Seamless integration to existing continuous delivery systems (e.g. SCM, build and MDM solutions)

    Integrated MVC Framework

    • Quickly design prototype, with full reuse in the production app
    • Developers can focus on building fully reusable components in JavaScript
    • Easier to read and maintain code

    Mobile Test Automation

    • Eliminate labor intensive and error-prone manual testing
    • Increase test coverage on all devices and OSs by 10x
    • Decrease testing time by 90%; Decrease app project costs by 40%
    • Create durable test assets that don’t rely on optical character recognition and don’t require jailbreaking

    Your very own MBaaS

    Arrow, part of the Appcelerator Platform, is a powerful new opinionated framework for building and running APIs.

    Arrow Builder

    • Assemble APIs, models, and connectors to access data with unprecedented speed
    • Build data models with visual wizard or programmatically
    • Combine and normalize data from multiple sources, optimize payload size and convert to mobile formats
    • Deliver data to any app client, whether native or web
    • Pre-built connectors for Salesforce, MS Azure, MS SQL, MySQL, Mongo DB, Box, Swagger and others

    Arrow Cloud

    • Elastically scalable infrastructure to run all your apps
    • Repository for finding and sharing reusable app and API components
    • Flexible deployment options
    • Includes ArrowDB, a schema-less data store that lets you deploy data models with zero setup effort

    Push Notifications

    • Engage users with pre-built notification capability
    • Trigger notifications based on user location or predetermined schedule
    • View notification history and details

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure

    Real-time mobile analytics for every native app – whether built on the Appcelerator Platform or directly via native SDK (iOS & Android).

    Mobile Lifecycle Dashboard

    • Full lifecycle visibility into all your apps
    • Identify pre-production bottlenecks
    • Increase collaboration, reduce reliance on point tools and manual reporting
    • Speed enhancement decisions for quicker releases and continuous delivery

    Business Insights

    • On the go, instant visibility into app success
    • Eliminate manual reporting overhead
    • Enable immediate decision making
    • Funnel analysis tracks success of the business’s critical mobile transactions

    Performance & Crash Analytics

    • Obtain instant visibility into app performance
    • Reduce app crash rates and improve uptime
    • Quickly identify, pinpoint and fix app issues