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The Appcelerator Platform

Speed time to market with native cross-platform app development & testing, simplified access to data via mobile-optimized APIs, and comprehensive real-time mobile analytics to power user engagement and measure success.

  • Gain a real-time view into every mobile app in your portfolio
  • Create amazing app experiences across multiple operating systems and devices from a single JavaScript code base
  • Mobilize any data source, public or enterprise
  • Test apps faster with improved quality and control
  • Secure end-to-end visibility into test coverage, API usage, user experience, app adoption and performance



Build and test native, cross-platform apps at the speed of mobile

Only Appcelerator lets developers create rich native apps for every major mobile platform, all from a single JavaScript code base. And with live prototyping and fully integrated automated testing, designers, developers and testers can collaborate to deliver great apps at mobile speed.

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Avis Budget Group prides itself on delivering superior experiences, and mobile is a critical touch-point to delight and add value to our customers. The Appcelerator Platform underpins the delivery of our mobile app experiences, connected to any data source, on all devices relevant to our customers – with analytics to prove success.

Neal Sunners Group IT Director, Avis

Great apps need great data

Feeding apps the data they need requires mobile-optimized APIs backed by a scalable cloud architecture. The Appcelerator Platform delivers this via a true, enterprise MBaaS (mobile backend-as-a-service) to unleash data for full mobile innovation.

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A real-time view of your entire app portfolio

Too many organizations are flying blind where their mobile investments are concerned. The Appcelerator Platform delivers a new breed of mobile analytics, helping organizations to drive ROI with real-time metrics from across the app lifecycle.

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Open & extensible

For most vendor platforms, “integrated” means “monolithic.” Not ours. The Appcelerator Platform is built on open standards, and is fully extensible. For proof, look no further than the Appcelerator Marketplace, which extends the Platform with contributions from a vibrant community of 691,000 developers, ISVs and partners.

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The Appcelerator Platform

Platform Power

Leading enterprises need more than a jury-rigged collection of point tools to lead in the mobile age. The Appcelerator Platform is:

  • INTEGRATED allowing customers to focus on innovation rather than integration
  • OPEN so that any part of the Platform may be extended to meet your specific mobile needs
  • FLEXIBLE with a full range of deployment options as well as support for apps built outside the Platform so customers can maximize previous investments
  • PURPOSE-BUILT for mobile – unlike legacy web tools or pre-smartphone platforms, the Appcelerator Platform was born and built for the modern mobile age.

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