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Know your apps

Know Your Apps

Understand how your apps are used

Know your users

Know Your Users

Discover how they use the app and where they are

Enhance your apps

Enhance Your Apps

Focus on the right features

Appcelerator Analytics

Appcelerator Analytics, part of the Appcelerator Platform, gives you deep, real-time insight and visibility into how your published mobile apps are performing, what features are being used the most, and where there are opportunities for improvement to provide the most compelling experience. By understanding your users’ behavior, their preferences and application usage, you can continue to refine the application for continued successful adoption.

With Appcelerator Analytics, user and session application events are automatically added to your mobile apps.

  • User analytics are central for measuring top-line application adoption metrics such as the tracking of new, active and total users over time, by geography, or by platform over a specific time period.
  • Session analytics measure engagement with your application. These allow you to view total sessions, average sessions, and session length over time, by geography or by platform.
  • Custom events can also be captured for your mobile applications. With custom event data, you can track any action taken within your application to gain even deeper insight.

Line of Business managers need real-time visibility into their mobile apps after they are delivered to understand their level of effectiveness. Are users adopting the application at the expected levels? Is the app generating growing revenues? Are users abandoning the application, and if so, why?

Appcelerator Analytics removes the subjectivity and provides a data-driven response to this, including; when your users are downloading and using the application, as well as which features are used the most so you can make informed decisions regarding new areas of investment.

Answer the most important questions about your application

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    Provides out-of-the-box instrumentation of user downloads, geographic locations, application instantiation

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    Ability to instrument for analytics tracking any function of the application including menu picks, feature usage, and time spent on pages

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    Delivers real-time information about your end users behavior by leveraging the StreamReduce technology, while they are using the application