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The Appcelerator Platform includes a true, enterprise MBaaS to build and manage the APIs that unleash data for mobile innovation. Unlike traditional MEAP offerings, the Appcelerator MBaaS is built to access heterogeneous data sources via a modern cloud architecture

Enterprise Connectors

With prebuilt, mobile-optimized data connectors for the most popular enterprise applications, the Platform delivers ready-to-use integration for mobile apps

  • Support for SAP, Oracle,, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Quickly create new enterprise integrations using the Platform’s API SDK
  • Readily mobilize data from corporate enterprise systems
  • Build new, mobile-optimized APIs with minimal coding

Public Connectors

In addition to enterprise connectors, the Platform’s MBaaS includes out-of-the-box mobile integration to a vast array of popular public apps and capabilities

  • Connectors to popular applications like LinkedIn, Yammer, PayPal, DropBox, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, and many others
  • Ready access to common mobile services including push notification, photo storage, authentication and key value pair store
  • Eliminate the complexity of managing multiple APIs, lowering the cost of development and maintenance
  • Orchestrate data from heterogeneous sources, both public and enterprise, for richer, more transformative app experiences

A foundation of core capabilities

At the heart of the Platform’s MBaaS is a suite of capabilities crucial to the new architectural tier driven by mobile

  • API SDK provides for rapid development of custom APIs to mobilize any backend data source
  • Data orchestration combines and normalizes data from multiple sources
  • Data optimization delivers payload sizes optimized for mobile
  • Data transformation converts legacy formats (e.g. XML) to mobile formats (e.g. JSON)
  • Synchronization and security services support disconnected (offline) data transactions
  • Open and extensible: built on Node.js

Seamlessly extend your infrastructure for mobile

The Platform’s enterprise MBaaS offers a secure, cloud-based and mobile-optimized extension to enterprise architectures

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  • Fully scalable and elastic performance
  • Flexible deployment models, including an enterprise, multi-tenant public cloud or a virtual private cloud (VPC) for increased SLAs and higher levels of security
  • No rip and replace: extend your current infrastructure, seamlessly

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