increase coverage

Increase Coverage

Automated tests for all devices and operating systems
decrease testing

Decrease Testing Time

Automated capture and playback for accurate and consistent testing
Test continuously

Test Continuously

Automated around-the-clock testing throughout development

Appcelerator Test

Appcelerator Test delivers integrated test automation to ensure your mobile applications are released with the highest levels of quality and stability. Part of the Appcelerator Platform, Appcelerator Test provides affordable testing for your organization to use real devices in your lab or to run tests in the cloud across the globe. No jail-breaking or tethering is required. Mobile application testing is now an integrated solution for your Titanium-powered mobile application development environment.

Designed for enterprise mobile application developers and quality assurance engineers, Appcelerator Test provides capture and playback capabilities that represent all continuous touch gestures precisely—including pan, pinch, zoom, and scroll on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android mobile devices. Automatic checks are available for every critical action, gesture, image and output, and are repeatable with every new update to the app.

Manual testing is costly and expensive, and maintaining a library of different physical tests, and updating the library every time you make an upgrade to the application is impossible particularly when dealing with a multi-device, multi-OS environment. Without test automation it’s almost impossible to maintain the library of applications that work consistently across all of the relevant operating systems and devices your enterprise must communicate with.


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    Automated, recordable tests that can be repeated in many different scenarios

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    Application tests can be run when application updates are made, prior to deployment

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    Capture and playback every gesture and UI element precisely from inside the app on any device to test the user experience

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    Built in to the Appcelerator Platform to enable continuous testing

We’ve adopted mobility as a key enabler to providing productivity enhancing technologies to our nationwide network of contractors and inspectors, in addition to delivering superior quality to our clients. As an innovator in mobility, we’re actively implementing the Appcelerator Platform to further optimize the quality of our apps, reduce development cycle time, and accelerate adoption.

George Mehok,
Chief Information Officer of Safeguard Properties

Why Appcelerator Test

Appcelerator Test includes a test management environment for creating, managing and maintaining your automated tests. It replaces brittle optical recognition testing approaches with touch-based UI testing that enables validations based on variable values and internal app state changes.