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Mastering the Mobile Shift: Three Keys to the Mobile Enterprise

Companies positioned to win the Age of Mobile have grasped the following principles: Apps are different from applications APIs are the lifeblood of mobility Analytics eliminate the guesswork in mobile success In this whitepaper, you will learn the tools, technologies and strategies that are necessary for a mobile-ready IT to master enterprise mobile development. Read […]

APIs & MBaaS: How to Extend Your Enterprise Architecture for a Mobile World

“Mobile,” as Forrester Research observes, “is pushing aging web architectures to the brink.” A good mobile enterprise architecture requires: Elastic scalability Prebuilt APIs optimized for mobile apps A robust capability for building custom mobile APIs Seamless synchronization Security & governance Download this whitepaper and learn how each of these requirements can help you mobilize your […]

Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: How to Use Mobile Analytics to Deliver the Best App ROI

Where the business performance of their mobile app portfolios are concerned, most companies are flying blind. While traditional application portfolios are held to all kinds of ROI measure, the investment plan for mobile apps – increasingly the more crucial bet – is made by guesswork and dart-throwing. This interactive e-book investigates how mobile is driving […]

Continuous Mobile Innovation – The Lifecycle Redefined

Mobile is driving disruption and enabling amazing new opportunities in every business sector and vertical. There are new roles, new processes, and fundamentally different technology stacks. In this whitepaper, explore the new reality of the mobile app lifecycle and what changes are required to be successful.

Adopting a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) to Become a Mobile-First Enterprise

Mobile silos can deliver technology and resource fragmentation, inconsistent business results, and misaligned security and governance. Learn how a Mobile Center of Excellence can enable your enterprise to succeed in mobile with a centralized strategy.

The 6 Layers of Mobile Security

Now more than ever mobile apps are becoming commonplace in the workplace and our daily lives. While mobility brings great opportunity, it can also introduce significant risk to businesses. Explore the 6 layers of security that must be considered when it comes to mobile apps.

How to Evaluate a Next Generation Mobile Platform

Get an in-depth look at the most common challenges facing mobile app developers, and learn what to look for in a mobile development platform that can help you overcome them.

Native vs HTML5 Mobile App Development

While there are far more native than HTML5 mobile apps in the market today, the debate rages on regarding what is the better approach. In this white paper, compare the two approaches – native and HTML5 – with a brief overview and a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks to both.
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