Building the Future Together

From industry-leading enterprise customers to a worldwide community of developers, Appcelerator (now part of Axway) is highly people-driven. As our growth and momentum continue to build, we promise to hold continuous innovation and vision at the heart of our work. Come join us.

  • 1
    Study up on the company and the space.
  • 2
    Research our core values, our website, our blog, our technology, our market, etc. For technical hires, it will be expected that you have trialed our product(s) before hand.
  • 3
    Be prepared to speak about: your passion for mobile and technology, your interest in new technologies/early adopter, your high degree of initiative, your comfort for ambiguity, your optimism that solutions can be found for even the most difficult problems, your action bias, your ability to work collaboratively on a team but also be a self-starter.
  • 4
    We are looking for people who are not just great for Appcelerator now, but in the future.
  • 5
    We want people who have a variety of strengths and passions. We seek general athletes who are critical thinkers and problem solvers – many of our challenges have no roadmap or specific set of known solutions.
  • 6
    We care more about how you apply critical thinking to a problem, than whether you come up with the right or wrong answer to the problem.


The challenges and opportunities here are absolutely huge. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to contribute and tackle such large opportunities. You just don’t get this level of impact in other places.