Titanium Cloud Services is a Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), offering a fast and easy way to build connected mobile apps. Choose from a library of services such as push notification, status updates, photo storage, and social integration, or create your own custom cloud services.

ACS Overview

Rich, Immersive Mobile Apps

Develop rich, immersive mobile apps that take advantage of social collaboration to help communicate more effectively with your customers and employees.
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Public Cloud

Extend Your Apps

Extend your mobile apps to connect to public cloud services applications to provide more utility and function.

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Leverage Our Robust Infrastructure

Eliminate the need to build your own private mobile back-end infrastructure and services to support your new apps.

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Secure and Scalable Architecture

Delivered over the cloud, Titanium Cloud Services scales elastically based on user adoption. It provides a secure, reliable and highly available mobile backend that integrates via the mobile app, with other public cloud services. Titanium Cloud Services allows you to take a modular and reusable approach so that a single cloud-based backend can support all your mobile apps.

Why ACS?

Why Titanium Cloud Services?

Unlike traditional approaches that require expensive server-side developers to build out back-end services, as well as the ongoing IT operations of managing servers and networking infrastructure, Titanium Cloud Services allows you to focus on your core competency of building beautiful, high utility apps without developing and managing your own mobile back-end.

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Key Features

  1. Library of over 20 pre-built common services that are both proven and robust, to reduce integration time and risk
  2. Client-side APIs for any development platform (e.g. Titanium, iOS SDK, Android SDK)
  3. Extensibility enabling you to build your own custom cloud application development services in Node.js on the Appcelerator cloud for all your mobile apps.
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ACS Overview Architecture

Integrated with Titanium

Although you can use Titanium Cloud Services with any mobile application development platform, you will realize significant benefits by using Titanium, including:

  • 5,000 APIs and Marketplace modules provides rich application functionality
  • A single environment for client development and back-end services increases productivity
  • Leveraging common JavaScript skills reduces cost of application development
  • Reduced training and support costs
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