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Android Intent Filters

Editor’s note: This blog post is a basic tutorial. The most up-to-date version is available in the wiki. Android Intent Filters give Appcelerator apps the ability to receive Intents from other Android applications. If you are an Android device user, you’re probably familiar with the SEND Intent. It’s the one that pops up a “Share […]

Forging Titanium Episode 3: Custom UI Components

Editor’s note: This and future episodes of Forging Titanium are available here. In last week’s episode, we created a cross-platform Navigation Controller as a custom component we could use to organize windows in a Titanium application. This week, we will be taking a deeper look at how to extend core Titanium objects and create our […]

Titanium Quickie: Facebook Album Covers Part 1

Most of the blog posts I do are inspired by a question I find in Q&A that gets a lot of views, but is difficult to answer. Facebook is also a popular topic among many people when they first start doing mobile development. So instead of writing the 100th Twitter app to demonstrate Titanium, I […]

Meet Platform Evangelist – Tony Lukasavage

Editors Note: This is a post that’s part of a series on Developer Relations at Appcelerator and the people behind the team. Tell us who you are? My name is Tony Lukasavage and I’m a software engineer from Pittsburgh PA. I’m one of those few people who knew exactly what they wanted to do at […]

Community Issue/Bug Tracking

We are very interested in identifying, prioritizing, and resolving bugs raised by members of the community. Without your help, the Titanium Platform cannot hope to reach its full potential. Many of you have been helping us in this ongoing effort by logging tickets in Q&A that are: well-researched (accurate, no duplicates) clear concise factual (no […]

Learn How to Build Your Business on Titanium at CODESTRONG 2011

Titanium powers 25,000 iPhone and Android apps … including chart-topping apps in almost every category. We’re going to gather these companies on stage to share with YOU their secrets to building their wildly successful apps. Hotel Tonight, Chris Bailey, CTO • #1 in Travel, #28 overall in iTunes • 500,000 downloads after 5 months in […]

How to resize the Android Emulator

Editor’s note: This blog post is a basic tutorial. The most up-to-date version is available in the wiki. In this tutorial we’ll cover a couple of ways to resize or scale the Android Emulator. Method One In Titanium Studio, run your application once in the emulator that you want to use so that it will […]

Using Titanium Studio From Behind an Authenticated Proxy

Editor’s note: This blog post is a basic tutorial. The most up-to-date version is available in the wiki. Titanium Studio requires an Internet connection to authenticate the user to the Appcelerator cloud on first launch, although the credentials are cached for subsequent use. In addition, the web is used for news, documentation and code updates. […]

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