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Twitter Client Library Contest – Judging In Progress

Thanks to all of you who submitted a Twitter client library for our developer contest! We have all the repositories cloned and are reviewing the libraries. However, with the number of entries we received it’s looking like we’ll need additional time to test and vette them all. We will do our best to settle on […]

Twitter Library Contest – Ends Tonight!

Tonight is the deadline for submissions to our developer contest to find the One True Twitter Library for Titanium Mobile. Have you done it already? Think you’ve got what it takes to find an existing community effort and make it better? Enter our contest and submit your repo by midnight tonight to get the recognition […]

Forging Titanium Episode 10: Forms

Editor’s note: This and future episodes of Forging Titanium are available here. Developer’s note: Titanium SDK version 1.7.3 is necessary to run this code on Android, which is available here. The most common way for users to enter data into a web application is via forms. Well, as mobile developers we want the same familiarity […]

Last chance to Sign Up for “5 Secrets to Successfully Publishing in Appcelerator’s Marketplace” webinar!

Interested to publish your Titanium extension to the Marketplace? Learn how to turn your Titanium knowledge into Marketplace-ready components by participating in the webcast “5 Secrets to Successfully Publishing in Appcelerator’s Marketplace” on Thursday, October 13 at 9:00 AM Pacific. You will learn inside tips from the Marketplace’s #1 publisher, Ruben Fonseca, who has developed […]

Callbacks Are Your Friend, Events aren’t too bad either

We all know from reading the Appcelerator wiki about Javascript best practices that global variables and polluting the global namespace are no-nos when writing good, maintainable code. However, we also know that old habits are hard to break – we are writing the code, we need “this” value set? Who cares?! Just create a global and […]

Weekly Appcelerator Marketplace Update: 70% Increase in Inventory Since Launch

Our weekly Marketplace update is below. We’ve had 40 new modules since launch, so you’ll want to check out what’s new at Here are some of the popular new components: New Components: 1. Desert Gold Mobile Backgrounds 10 unique mobile backgrounds that can be used as an application splash screen, background or whatever you […]

New Universal Search on Dev Center

Appcelerator has a lot of content out there, from our wiki to the dev blog to our Q&A. To help make this growing data set more useful, we’ve deployed a universal search solution to Version 1.0 of our universal site search leverages Apache Lucene and Solr to search across content in the developer blog, […]

Twitter Client Library Contest – Submissions due Thursday

The battle for the tablet and champion status for the Twitter client library contest is in full swing! From what I’ve seen so far, I expect some very strong submissions. Are you using Twitter in your app? Think you can abstract out a nice, reusable library? Or maybe you can put one together from scratch […]

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