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Appcelerator Q&A: How to ask a successful question

This blog post is from Macolm Hollingsworth, contributor to, seasoned Titan and Q&A aficionado. Hear what he has to say about about posting a successful question in the Appcelerator Q&A. Full post is available here. What is the Q&A? If you have yet to use Community Questions & Answers then it is where you […]

App monetization is tough, but there’s a new—and bigger—revenue opportunity

A recent post on TechCrunch caught my eye: App Monetization to Get Tougher Still, With Gartner Predicting 94.5% of Downloads Will Be Free By 2017. That title tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the state of the consumer-facing app market. It’s crowded, and it’s full of customers who want the best […]

Welcome Mario Cavagnari as Vice President of Japan and Latin America Sales!

After starting and running his own company, Mario Cavagnari planned to take some time off. However, knowing how valuable he’d be to Appcelerator, I wasn’t going to let that happen. So, today I’m thrilled to announce the newest member of the Appcelerator crew: Mario Cavagnari. Joining us as Vice President of Japan and Latin America […]

Webinar – The Five Mobile Metrics No Company Should Be Without

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2014 Time: 9am PST /12pm EST Presenter: Jonathan Rende, VP Products at Appcelerator REGISTER While companies recognize a good mobile app strategy as a major competitive differentiator, most still trust the fate of this strategy to user feedback. The problem? User feedback is a lagging indicator. By the time a company […]

3.2.1 Beta of SDK/Studio Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the beta version of 3.2.1, a minor update to our 3.2.0 version of the Titanium SDK and Titanium Studio. Version 3.2.1 addresses some issues found in 3.2.0 as well as a number of other high-priority fixes. Today, we’re asking you to help test out the release and provide feedback before it […]

Browser-based emulators

Picture this scenario: You’re building a cross-platform app for your client and you’re ready to show your progress. Perhaps you’d want them to see the Android version but they don’t have an Android device, or you’d like them to see the app on iOS7 but they haven’t updated their devices. Today I’d like to talk […]

Announcing the 2013 Appcelerator Enterprise Mobility Awards

We had a busy year at Appcelerator, and we’re gearing up for an even busier, more exciting year in 2014. But, we also wanted to take the time to reflect on some of the great mobile innovation that happened using our technology over the past 12 months. So, after carefully considering more than 100 nominees […]

Windows 8 Support, What’s Going On?

We’ve had many requests for Windows 8 support, and we’ve been working hard on it. Our aim was to release something by December 2013, but we’re not there yet. As announced in July, we’re pushing really hard on Ti.Next. We knew from the start that we’d want to build Windows 8 support into Ti.Next off […]

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