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Beacon Technology Takes Hold in Retail: This Week In Mobility

IBM and Apple Release First Set of Business Apps In an attempt to transform the way enterprise uses mobile, IBM and Apple have released the first installment of mobile business apps in what is expected to eventually become a portfolio of 100 or more. After announcing their partnership last summer, IBM and Apple have been […]

Beta Version of Titanium SDK 64-bit Support Now Available

After additional testing, we’ve now moved the build status to beta, with just one or two known issues remaining. You will note the bump in versions to 3.5.0, as this build requires iOS modules to be recompiled (see below). What was previously slated for our original 3.5.0 has been moved to a new version, 3.6.0. […]

History Lessons: What Our Past Mobile Surveys Suggest About the Future

Typically every 6-8 months, depending on how lazy we’re feeling, we join with our friends at IDC for an end-to-end survey on mobility — our latest queried 121 senior IT decision makers and a whopping 8,010 mobile developers, the largest group ever. You can read about some of the (eye-opening? hair-raising?) results here. But also […]

Pharmacies Go Mobile: A Q&A with mscripts’ Sanjeev Gautam

We recently had a chance to sit down with Sanjeev Gautam, the vice president of engineering at mscripts, a customer of ours that builds mobile pharmacy apps that drive digital patient engagement and adherence through an innovative, easy-to-use mobile and web health management platform. They’ve had great success designing solutions that leverage mobile technology to […]

Starbucks Intros Mobile Orders: This Week in Mobility

Ovum Predicts 2015 Will be a Big Year for Mobility Ovum’s recently released report, 2015 TrendstoWatch: Enterprise Mobility Report, predicts that mobile strategy will again be at the top of every CIO’s agenda in 2015. The report identifies consumerization as the primary trend driving mobile uptake in the enterprise, and lays out five key trends […]

Contributing to the Titanium SDK Documentation

Great documentation is key to the success of any developer platform. While we believe the core Titanium SDK documentation is strong, we also know that it can always be improved, extended, or enhanced. And we also know that the people with the most practical experience using the SDK and Appcelerator Platform are you — the […]

Writing the Playbook: The Sports Industry’s Mobile Strategy

A few weeks ago, we highlighted some of the ways the airline industry is deploying mobile technology to improve the travel experience for both its staff and its customers. Another arena making hay with mobile is the sports industry. While the business of running a team used to be conducted primarily with clipboards, whiteboards and […]

Alpha Version of Titanium SDK 64-bit Support Now Available

Update! New RC2 Posted Starting February 1st 2015 Apple will require that all App Store submissions be compiled using the iOS 8 SDK, and support 64-bit architectures. We’ve completed the first pass at our support for 64-bit builds on iOS. You will note the bump in versions to 3.5.0, as this build requires iOS modules […]

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