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Understanding the Unified Appcelerator CLI

With the launch of the Appcelerator Platform 4.0 we introduced the Unified Appcelerator CLI. This new appc[elerator] CLI replaced the ti[titanium], alloy and acs CLIs. But then, it also didn’t. And that can be confusing, in particular when you are updating after a new release. So, let’s find out how the Unified CLI works. The […]

The Week in Mobile: March 6-12, 2016

Android N dev preview arrives, Six Flags joins VR frenzy, Nest becomes more aware and more. Each week we round up the top news stories, think pieces and other content that centers on the fast-paced, quickly changing world of mobile technology. We tell you which companies are employing clever mobile strategies, illuminate new ways of […]

Titanium 5.2.0: Wrap-up of new features for Android

This is our final walkthrough on the Sample App for Titanium 5.2.0 as we wrap up with the remaining new features and changes for Android: TextField inputType Launcher Shortcuts TableView separatorStyle Fullscreen Splash Image Renamed APIs Textfield inputType You could already set the keyboardType for a TextField, but even the KEYBOARD_TYPE_NUMBER_PAD still included other characters […]

This Week’s Modules & Widgets

Every week we sum up all new and updated modules, widgets and other products listed on the Appcelerator Marketplace and found on GitHub by gitTio. Use the Developer Portal Updates page to follow new releases throughout the week. Here are the updates since March 4th 2016: Appcelerator Marketplace New and updated modules and widgets on […]

Release Candidates for Titanium & Appcelerator CLI 5.2.1

We have published Release Candidates (RC) for Titanium 5.2.1 and Appcelerator CLI 5.2.1, including updates for Alloy and Arrow. To help us get to GA quickly, please give these RCs a try on as many projects possible and report any issues. NOTE: As we’ve reported our tests have given no indication that Titanium 5.0 and […]

Titanium 5.2.0: Wrap-up of new features for iOS

Let’s wrap-up our tour through the Sample App for Titanium 5.2.0 before 5.2.1 arrives. I’ll briefly introduce you to some of the remaining new features and changes. Let’s start with iOS: MenuPopup 3D Touch & Apple Pencil Events WatchOS2 Swift Template ListView Insertion Control & Drag Events Tab Icon Insets Updating User Activities Small but […]

Appcelerator safe from DROWN Attack

Last week the DROWN Attack vulnerability was announced which affects secure websites and other services using SSLv2 and TLS encryption. We took immediate action to disable SSLv2 on the handful of services where it had been enabled. All of our sites and services are now secure from this vulnerability. This includes ArrowDB and Arrow Cloud. […]

Sample App Walkthrough: Corporate Directory App

Appcelerator Studio contains a number of samples for new developers to use as learning tools. The Corporate Directory app showcases cross-platform development, the benefits of Titanium Stylesheets and Alloy Backbone / Models. This exercise is a walkthrough of the Corporate Directory app to demonstrate the use of Titanium and Alloy for developing mobile apps. Cross […]

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