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5G, Depth-Sensitive Apps and More: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Introducing 5G Federal agencies are investigating next-gen technologies that could allow wireless data to transmit up to 1,000 times faster than what the average American experiences at home from a wired connection. Wireless carriers continue to roll out 4G LTE, but it appears that 5G may be just around the corner. The new type of […]

Next Generation iPads Unveiled and More: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Apple Unveils the Next Generation of iPads Last Thursday, Apple unveiled the next generation of iPads: the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. Both new models will feature TouchID for login and make in-app purchases via Apple Pay. As with the release of the iPhone 6, businesses won’t need to do much to […]

Updating to Android Platform Tools Version 21

Google released an update (Version 21) to their Android developer tooling. This update appears to have a number of issues including breaking the usage of Genymotion emulators and Android application packaging. Unless you explicitly need to upgrade, we recommend you hold off updating until Google and Genymotion provide some additional updates. How to track resolution […]

Exciting new Android and Apple Updates

We’re very excited about Android Lollipop, the new Nexus devices, iOS 8.1, updated iPads, and OS X Yosemite. We’ve done preliminary testing with these stacks and have a few updates: iOS: No current known issues with 3.4.0.GA and the updated iOS and OS X versions. We will test our SDK thoroughly once we get the […]

How to Build Your Retail Mobile Strategy: Q&A with Propelics’ Eric Carlson

We caught up with Eric Carlson, co-founder and partner of Propelics, a leading enterprise mobile strategy and app development firm, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that mobile presents for retailers and how companies can adopt more mobile-centric strategies. (Hint: It’s not just focusing on the consumer side.) Tell us a bit about Propelics and […]

Appcelerator Autocomplete Search

A server side search for customers, accounts, inventory, products, etc… in a mobile application is a very common operation. A typical UI for this operation is to allow the user to enter the search text and press a search button or the enter key on the on screen keyboard, as shown below. Then a search […]

Levi’s Stadium Goes Mobile: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Levi’s Stadium Goes Mobile In an attempt to entice football fans away from the comforts of their couches and plasma screen TVs, Levi’s Stadium, new home to the San Francisco 49ers, has launched the first mobile app designed to enhance the stadium experience. The app helps fans find parking spots, avoid the most crowded restrooms, […]

Preparing For Takeoff: How Airlines Are Putting Consumers First With Mobile

When we think of the most innovative industries today, airlines aren’t often top-of-mind. But while you may not think of them right off the bat, when it comes to embracing mobile technology, they’re actually ahead of the game. That’s not to say there isn’t room for improvement (there is), but airlines are beginning to seize […]

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