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Announcing the 3.3.0 Beta of SDK/Studio

We’re pleased to announce the beta version of 3.3.0, a major update of the Titanium SDK and Titanium Studio. Version 3.3.0 contains a number of important feature enhancements and improvements, along with significant bug fixes. We are asking for your feedback in testing this before it becomes generally available next month. This is a pre-production […]

How to Speed Your Mobile App Lifecycle

We recently hosted Jeffrey Hammond, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, and he was good enough to give us some time in front of the camera to discuss the state of mobile today. One of the things he emphasizes is the need for enterprises to be able to deliver releases six to ten times […]

Five Practices for Secure Mobile Apps

By now, just about any IT pro or CIO has read dozens of stories on the Heartbleed bug, which exposed a flaw in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library, which hundreds of thousands of websites and mobile apps use to secure data in transit. Heartbleed is a big deal, but for most IT pros and CIO’s, […]

Device deployment broken by recent iTunes update 11.2

Apple released version 11.2 of iTunes this past weekend. 11.2 contains a behavior change that prevents Titanium applications from installing to device via iTunes using the Titanium CLI, Titanium Studio, and Appcelerator Studio. This only affects development and test device builds when using iTunes. Simulator testing and publishing to the App Store is unaffected. We are tracking this issue […]

Apps Are Not Applications (And Why This Matters)

Apps, says Gartner, are not applications: “The defining characteristic of an app is its reduced functional presence. Apps do less than applications. That is their goal.”1 In other words, what began as mere shorthand for most of us (“The $#!@% app is down again!”) has come to represent a different design paradigm altogether. How do […]

Top Three CIO Priorities for Enterprise Mobility in 2014

We recently held our first CIO Advisory Forum, where we gathered a handful of CIOs – many customers of Appcelerator – to discuss the challenges they were facing when it comes to enterprise mobility and how they are addressing them. Companies like ACE, Comerica, Safeguard and Sprint were represented, to name a few. The big […]

tiConf US Roundup

Originally posted by Fokke Zandbergen on That was it! We ate the Big Apple, melted the pot (?), had Manhattan and indeed.. we didn’t get that much sleep. tiConf US was the first of 6 tiConfs to be held in 2014 and absolutely raised the bar compared to the 3 tiConfs in 2013. We’ve […]

Five Enterprise Mobility Influencers to Follow

In a world where 17-year-olds with no coding experience can build a cross-platform smoking cessation app and a field services company can become a mobile app company, it’s not a secret that mobility is turning the tables. For CIOs and IT departments intent on addressing mobile head-on, it’s important to keep an ear to the […]

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