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Enterprise Webinar: What Does ‘Mobile First’ Really Mean?

There is a lot of hype about becoming “Mobile First” these days. But what does Mobile First really mean to an Enterprise? Is Mobile First your first mobile application – No! Is it only about BYOD policies – No! Is it about extending your existing desktop apps to run on a Mobile device – No! […]

Featured Developers – OpenRest

Today’s featured developer story comes from the guys at OpenRest. OpenRest was founded in 2010 with the intent of revolutionizing mobile online food ordering. With the help of Titanium, Danny Leshem and Yoav Amit have delivered over 300 restaurant apps. Read more about their story and how they’re leveraging Titanium. Interview with Danny Leshem and […]

Webinar: No More Ugly Enterprise Apps!

Mobile First enterprises have realized that the end user is king. Users now expect superior user experiences and innovative functionality, even from enterprise apps. Consider the alternatives: low adoption rates, abandoned environments, employee frustration and the risk enterprises face by employees taking matters into their own hands by circumventing the firewall. The Design-Driven Development phase […]

Adding PHP, Ruby or Python support to Titanium Studio

As part of our latest 3.1.0 release, we slimmed down Titanium Studio by making certain pieces optional installs, namely the support for server-side languages. Fear not! It’s easy to add them back in again: Launch Titanium Studio; Go to Help > Install New Software… Enter the following URL in the “Work with: ” field: PHP […]

Announcing Titanium 3.1 and Node.ACS Production Releases

It’s all about enterprise connectivity, performance and new platforms We have kept ourselves pretty busy here at Appcelerator over the last couple of months. Today we are excited to announce a major release for both the Titanium and Cloud products: Titanium Studio and SDK 3.1 and Node.ACS GA. Titanium 3.1 In the 3.1 release we […]

Extending ScrollableView with Focus and Blur listeners

Today’s guest post comes from Titanium developer Uriel Lizama. Titanium’s ScrollableView provides a user interface object in which you can add views as “pages”, and move through them by swiping your finger. However, there’s a small problem when you have a complex set of pages: if you’re not careful, you may be loading too much […]

Featured Developer – John Anderson

In today’s “Featured Developer” post we’ll be talking with John Anderson, Titanium developer and author of the new Titanium book “Appcelerator Titanium: Up and Running.” Hear more about what motivates John to get involved in mobile development and his experience using Titanium. You can learn more about John’s new book in his upcoming O’Reilly webcast […]

Native vs. HTML5 – looked at objectively, the debate is over

Almost a year ago I wrote a white paper about Native versus HTML5 mobile app development, asking ‘Which option is best?’ Even then, the answer was pretty obvious: look at the question objectively, using a set of clear comparisons, and HTML5 is crushed by native development, even though HTML5 wins on a few points.  Strangely, […]

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