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Is Facebook the New Model for Enterprise Mobility?

If you’re an established Fortune 1000-type enterprise wondering how to mobilize your business, Facebook probably isn’t the first company you’d think to look to for a model. What can a newish, consumer-oriented social media company tell me about mobilizing my own business in manufacturing, or financial services, or healthcare? Quite a bit, it turns out. […]

Getting your app ready for international markets

If you’re writing an app that could potentially be downloaded from anywhere on the planet, you should probably think about internationalizing it. This process allows you to set all the screen prompts and messages in language-specific files. When your user sets the language of his/her phone, this language is available to Titanium via the Ti.Locale […]

Take advantage of App FX

The following post is from our friends at Pro Sound Effects. Hear what they have to say about the importance of bringing sound into your app and take advantage of their introductory price for the App FX sound library now available until the end of the year. Also, check out how you can add some […]

Webinar – The CEO Wants to Know: “How’re Our Apps Doing?” Do You Have the Answer?

The CEO Wants to Know: “How’re Our Apps Doing?” Do You Have the Answer? Date: Thursday, December 19th Time: 9am PST/ 12pm EST Presenter: Gabriel Tavridis, Director of Product Management REGISTER We live in the land of the device, and in that country the user is king. Don’t like an app? Delete it and find […]

3.2.0 RC of SDK/Studio Now Available

Following on the heels of the beta candidate of 3.2.0, we present our release candidate. 3.2.0 is a major update to our 3.1.0 version of the Titanium SDK and Titanium Studio. Version 3.2.0 brings numerous fixes and improvements across both products, as well as preliminary support for iOS 7.1 and Android 4.4. Today, we’re asking […]

Using Genymotion with Titanium 3.2

Using Genymotion with Titanium Not long ago we published a blog post about Genymotion, a clever new Android emulator implemented on top of VirtualBox. The post explained how to compile your app with Titanium, and then push it APK into Genymotion via a command-line call. With Titanium 3.2, there is preview support for Genymotion. This […]

Get to know the Titanium CLI

As you may already known, Titanium SDK 3.2 is around the corner and amongst its many new features and enhancements, the CLI (command-line interface) has gotten more useful and powerful, as you can see in this recent slide deck by Chris Barber. When you use the Titanium CLI YOU are in control and you can […]

HTML5 vs. Native? Wrong Question

Coming out of the Thanksgiving holiday, with its fine tradition of food, football and family arguments, I was reminded of another argument that’s taken up space here and plenty of other places. Namely, the debate between HTML5 and native. What occurred to me wasn’t another pro or con for one side or the other, but […]

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