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Appcelerator Titanium: Patterns & Best Practices (Book)

The following guest spot is courtesy of Trevor Ward (@thewarpedcoder) and Boydlee Pollentine (@boydleep), the authors of the new “Appcelerator Titanium: Patterns & Best Practices” book. Trevor and Boydlee are both active Titanium community members and Titans contributing across a wide-range of activities, including organizing Titanium conferences, speaking at mobile  conferences, hosting Titanium trainings and […]

Titanium Mobile Tizen now available

Hot on the heels of our preview release several weeks ago, we’re pleased to announce GA support for the new Tizen platform in the Titanium SDK. Tizen is a robust and flexible operating system, based on Linux and HTML 5. Available devices include smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle dashboards and smart TVs. The general availability of […]

Titanium appCamp London 2013 in Review

The following guest post is from Ketan Majmudar, an active Titanium developer and organizer. He recently helped organize Titanium appCamp, a mashup of a traditional barcamp and hackathon. The details of the event are in this post. Ketan and other Titanium organizers have been instrumental in hosting several recent community-led Titanium events (see also ticonf, titokyo). There’s […]

Consuming Web Services

In a previous post I talked about a library that makes it super easy to communicate with web services. In this post, I’ll step back a little bit, explain what exactly a web service is, and go through the process of consuming data from them. Understanding web services By its name, a Web service can […]

Appcelerator Platform Pricing & Other Pricing Updates

In this post, I’d like to provide some additional color on the new Appcelerator Platform which I announced last week as well as the changes we’re making to our Plans & Pricing. But before that, I want to review the two different kinds of offerings we now have, with each addressing unique customer requirements: Free/Open Source These offerings refer to our […]

Introducing the Appcelerator Platform

Earlier this year, we launched a redesigned website to celebrate our epic developers and customers, and to provide customized content for each group. Today, we are making some product changes to provide more clarity about the difference between our open source and commercial offerings. Our commitment to Open Source I recently returned from a three-week trip around […]

Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) – Frequently Asked Usage & Billing Questions

Update: The information in this blog post has since changed. For the most up to date information on pricing and usage please click here. As many of you know, a couple of months ago we made some significant changes to the pricing of our Cloud Services and Analytics packages. We boosted the monthly allotments of […]

Featured Developer – Vaughn Dabney

In today’s “Featured Developer” post we’ll be talking with Vaughn Dabney, a Titanium developer for the last year and half who has recently developed a mobile app for the NAACP Annual Image Awards. Let’s hear more about him and his latest project. Interview with Vaughn Dabney Tell us a little about yourself I have been […]

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