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The Mobile Enterprise Debate: HTML5 vs. Native

No matter how you look at it, developing mobile apps can be a confusing, resource-intensive process for the enterprise.  Whie mobile provides enterprises with an uprecedented opportunity to transoform their relationships and build towards competitive advantage, companies need to reimagine their business model from a mobile- first view.  Of couse, this leads to the HTML5 […]

Enterprises Empowering Mobile Users

The mobile enterprise executive has one goal in mind – empower the employee to use their apps.  The employee has one request – to have the most easy to use, integrated and immersive set of enterprise applications at their fingertip. But how can this happen Who are your mobile users and how do your want […]

Building Titanium Mobile From Source Now Requires Node.js

The upcoming Titanium SDK 3.0.0 includes a new Node.js-based command line interface for building your applications, which means now in order to build the SDK from source, you will need to have Node.js installed. 1. Install Node.js from 2. You can now proceed with building the same as before. Please let us know if […]

Mobile Cloud Services: Data Persistence Across Devices

As always, we are looking at ways to empower the mobile developer to transform the world through innovative and leading-edge technologies.  Cloud services is a great example of integrating easily scalable features in your application, such as custom data and user integration. In response to developer requests, we’ve integrated  Appcelerator Cloud Services into the ToDo […]

Please Review: Proposed License Agreement Changes

Your voice was heard. A couple of weeks was too long to wait for unequivocal clarification of our licensing issues. I asked the team to make resolving the confusion our #1 priority and they have delivered. As promised, I want to be fully transparent with you given some of the confusion between what’s “free” versus […]

Titanium SDK 2.1.3 Is Released

Titanium SDK Release 2.1.3 fixes more than 50 issues in the iOS and Android platforms, specifically targeting iOS 6 and iPhone 5. Highlights include: iOS — Support for iOS 6 and XCode 4.5. iOS — Addition of new API for authorization to access contacts. iOS — iOS 6-specific fixes for issues surrounding labels, text fields, […]

The Mobile Shift

Think back to just a few years ago. Could you imagine looking at the world through a mobile lens where you manage your entire life on tiny device? Could you envision empowering your work, socialization, and the way you engage through a device no bigger than the palm of your hand? Enter the bold generation of today […]

An Open Letter from Jeff Haynie

We’ve heard from many of our developers that our pricing, licensing and T&C is confusing. I’m sorry for the confusion and anxiety this has caused you. You’ve raised many valid points, and highlighted areas where we need to do a better job. So we will change these. Based on your feedback, we are right now […]

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