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Featured Developer – ArtistBox

Today’s featured blog post comes from the creators of ArtistBox, Lucica Ibanescu and Titan Dan Tamas. ArtistBox is a sexy Titanium app that provides detailed information, news and music from your favorite artists. Learn more about their experience with Titanium below. We’d like to share with you our story on how we built ArtistBox and […]

The Evolution of Mobile in the Enterprise: The Road to the Cross-Platform Framework

Technology moves fast. Understanding how the mobile space has developed can help us understand where we are today, and why we need the tools and capabilities a modern development framework can provide. Here is an outline of how the mobile ecosystem evolved to the present day. BlackBerry or bust. It wasn’t that long ago that […]

Appcelerator Participates in NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge

Last month, NASA hosted the International Space Apps Challenge – a 48-hour hackathon that invited citizens from around the world to collaborate to create open-source solutions for problems NASA faces both in space and here on Earth. NASA released a list of more than 50 challenges for hackathon teams to tackle, including a wide range […]

Appcelerator Node.ACS Financial Stock Watch List

Implementing a Financial Stock Watch List may seem pretty straightforward at first, but optimizing it for mobile in the most efficient way possible presents a few challenges. Today, I’d like to walk you through how you can use the Appcelerator Mobile Platform to streamline API calls and data over the wire for your mobile applications […]

Using ACS as a back-end for your App

On a previous post, I talked about consuming web services. Today I want to talk about ACS (Appcelerator Cloud Services), but before I go into what it is and how it can help you, let’s take a look at a scenario. Your client asks you to build an App where people can create an account, […]

Please Review ListView Phase 2 specification

Last month as part of our 3.1.0 release we introduced a new, faster version of TableView called ListView. As a refresher, it has several key features: Data-oriented vs view-oriented architecture A separate module. Does not replace the existing TableView so you can migrate on your schedule Extremely performant We’re now working on phase 2 of that […]

Enterprise Webinar: Old-school MEAPs for the Mobile Revolution? No Chance!

Traditional mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs) were built in a pre-smartphone era to mobilize desktop or web applications to a BlackBerry or WAP device. However, today’s mobile apps require a different app deployment strategy. Modern smartphones need to consume data from multiple sources, which traditional MEAPs cannot support. Only with the scalability and flexibility of […]

Featured Developer – Lark Cookbook

Our featured developer spotlight this week comes from Jared Stoneberg. Jared and his web development company, Number 10 Web Company, leveraged a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the beautiful Titanium app “Lark – Cooking Against the Grain”. Read more about how Jared and team pulled together this app to showcase the favorite recipes of James […]

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