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Using Titanium without Appcelerator Studio

This week, Jong Eun Lee came all the way from Seoul (South Korea) to Amsterdam to talk about Titanium development without Appcelerator Studio at our local meetup. Jong Eun Lee Jong runs Yo Studio where he uses Titanium to translate the beautiful designs made by his wife into mobile apps as well as websites. He […]

GA Release of Titanium SDK 5.2.2 and CLI 5.2.2 including Alloy 1.8.5

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Titanium SDK 5.2.2 and the Appcelerator CLI 5.2.2, which includes an update from Alloy 1.8.2 to 1.8.5. Noteworthy TIMOB-20627 – Fixes an issue that causes iOS app to be rejected by Apple because of a missing macro. Fixes several parity issues between Alloy model and […]

How to change the color of links in Attributed Strings

Since Titanium 3.2 you can use Attributed Strings on iOS and in 4.0 we added support for Android. They are a great alternative for using heavy WebViews to display formatted text. Links in Attributed Strings Attributed Strings can also include links. By listening to the link event of a label you can handle the link, […]

The Week in Mobile: March 27 – April 2, 2016

Microsoft’s “conversation as a platform” vision, Oculus Rift ships, Uber enriches in-trip experiences and more. Each week we round up the top news stories, think pieces and other content that centers on the fast-paced, quickly changing world of mobile technology. We tell you which companies are employing clever mobile strategies, illuminate new ways of thinking […]

This Week’s Modules & Widgets

Every week we sum up all new and updated modules, widgets and other products listed on the Appcelerator Marketplace and found on GitHub by gitTio. Use the Developer Portal Updates page to follow new releases throughout the week. Here are the updates since March 25th 2016: Appcelerator Marketplace New and updated modules and widgets on […]

Contributing to Appcelerator Products

Open Source Software is the foundation of the Appcelerator Platform. Titanium, Alloy, as well as many of our Titanium Modules and Arrow Connectors are open source. We are in the progress of making some improvements to how you can contribute to our products. In this post I’ll walk you through the different ways in which […]

Mobile Velocity and the Data Problem

Across the mobile landscape, companies run the spectrum from “leading edge” to those who find themselves just struggling to keep up. But what exactly sets the two groups apart? In our most recent Mobile Trends Report, we examined the habits of nearly 6,000 mobile developers to identify what’s causing the gaping chasm between those excelling […]

How to detect and run code specific to Genymotion Emulators

When you are running test you might need to differentiate for specific environments. For example, if you haven’t patched your Genymotion emulators to include the missing Google Apps you would need to skip any tests that use Google Play Services like for To detect which emulator you are running your code in, you can […]

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