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How Blackbaud Uses Hackathons and Cross-Platform Technology To Empower Employees

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be on-site when Blackbaud, one of our customers using the Appcelerator Platform, hosted its fifth “Off-The-Grid” Hackathon. Twice a year, Blackbaud invites their in-house developers to spend 24 hours exploring and bringing to life new ideas for the product and company. It’s a successful program, which often leads […]

EMM Wakes Up to the Importance of MADP and Microsoft Challenges AWS: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Acronym Soup: Understanding How MADP Fits Into EMM Jack Madden makes an interesting point on his site this week, noting that plenty of people think about enterprise mobility management (EMM) as the “management” side of the mobile device and app equation, while mobile application development platforms belong squarely in the “development” camp. In fact, it’s […]

Hiding the Android ActionBar

With the introduction of the AppCompat library in SDK 3.3.0, the Android ActionBar is displayed by default. However, there are times when your app’s user interface calls for no ActionBar at all. In this blog post I’ll show you three different ways of hiding the ActionBar. Method 1 : Hiding and Showing at will The […]

Making the Grade: How to Ensure Your Mobile Apps are Enterprise-Ready

When it comes to going mobile, the first order of business for most enterprises was simply getting an app built – learning the technology, designing effectively for the mobile form factor, writing the code and getting it out the door. Having surmounted that initial challenge, many companies now realize some refinement is in order, not […]

Hilton Makes Mobile Moves, Enterprise Mobile Spend Accelerates & More: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

1. Enterprise Mobile Spend Poised for Acceleration Get ready. A new survey out from Oracle reports that enterprise mobile spend will grow more than 50 percent over the next two years. Moreover, the amount spent per employee per device is expected to jump from $157 to $242. It’s a great sign that enterprises are taking […]

Android Tabs and ActionBar Menu Items

As you saw in my previous post about the Android AppCompat library, Titanium now shows the ActionBar by default. If you have never used the ActionBar, here’s a quick guide and sample project that covers the basics. An important use-case that is not covered in that tutorial is the case where you have a TabGroup […]

New in Alloy 1.4 : Custom query styles

Alloy provides a very easy way to apply UI elements and styling that are specific for different platform and screen sizes. For example on your TSS file you can add something like: and your the styling will only apply to iOS phones (handheld). While this is useful, it offers no way of differentiating between […]

Mobile Developer Haves and Have-nots, iPads for the Enterprise and More: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Every week we recap the news and views that propel the enterprise mobility market forward, giving you a digestible glimpse into what matters when it comes to our post-Web world. Survey Says Enterprise Pays for App Developers The latest Developer Economics survey from app economy research firm VisionMobile was released this week, showing that most […]

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