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Titanium 3.2.2 SDK Releases Same Day as iOS 7.1

Today, Apple released iOS 7.1 with several notable fixes: Touch ID fingerprint recognition is improved. An occasional Home screen crash bug has been fixed. iPhone 4 users will enjoy improved responsiveness and performance. In conjunction with Apple’s release, we are pleased to announce our release of Titanium 3.2.2 SDK, which supports iOS 7.1. This update, […]

Quick Tip: Sending arrays to web services

When you build forms in HTML and use checkboxes or multiple-selection lists, you know these two controls send data to the server as an array, which is then handled by the server as such. With Titanium, you can build native mobile forms that POST the data to the server without requiring changes in the server […]

Updating to Android r22.6 Tools

Google released an update today (3/5) to their Android developer tooling. This update has changed the output from the command-line building tooling, disabling the ability to deploy to emulators. While we addressed this issue, there appear to be other bugs with this release. Unless you explicitly need to upgrade we recommend you hold off updating […]

How to mobilize your enterprise data with surprisingly little pain

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” ― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities For enterprise architects and CTOs alike, mobile’s rise feels a little like Dickens’ famous beginning of A Tale of Two Cities. On the one hand, so much opportunity! On the other hand, the standards for […]

Webinar – (Another) Five Companies Taking Mobile App Development to the Next Level

Date: Thursday, March 6, 2014 Time: 9am PST /12pm EST [View in your local time] Presenter: Michael King, Appcelerator’s Director of Enterprise Strategy REGISTER Think mobile innovation is only about B2C? Think again. Five new stories show how companies large and small are using mobility to transform their businesses. Join Michael King, Director of Enterprise […]

How the Appcelerator Platform’s LiveView Saves Developers Hours Each Day

Developing mobile apps is an iterative process. On the client-side, a mobile developer typically goes through the following steps: Once a series of code changes are made, the app is recompiled and deployed to the local emulator (or device), where it is launched and tested. Although this is a relatively simple process, the amount of […]

Update on Codestrong, and TiConfs coming in 2014 to a city near you!

We’ve received many questions recently about our plan for Codestrong and we have a big update for you. While we truly love bringing people together in San Francisco, after much consideration we decided it would be better to focus our energy this year in a broader, more global distribution of events. The Appcelerator team (including […]

Titanium SDK 3.2.2 Beta for iOS 7.1 Now Available

We are working hard to be ready for iOS 7.1 the same day Apple releases it to customers. During our testing, we’ve found only one issue so far with launching the iOS 7.1 simulator. We’re happy to report this issue has been resolved, and we’d like to invite everyone to test the result. Downloading. These […]

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