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Getting To Know Alloy (Part One)

This blog post refers to a previous version of Alloy. For updated Alloy reference see the Official Alloy Guides. The following is the first in a series of introductory posts introducing developers to Alloy, the new MVC framework for Titanium. A constant request we’ve heard from our developer community, almost since the inception of Titanium, […]

Titanium SDK 2.1.4 RC Released — Preliminary Support for new iPads

Today the iPad Mini arrives, and today we present to you the latest version of our Titanium SDK with preliminary support for Xcode 4.5.2, iOS 6.0.1, the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. Our goal is to get releases of our SDK into your hands as soon as new hardware or operating systems are available. […]

myZings App Spotlight: The Easiest Way to Buy and Sell from Your Mobile Device

Winner of an Active Titan mobile innovation award at CODESTRONG 2012, Titanium Titan Javier Rayon is revolutionizing the mobile marketplace with his creation of the myZings app. As Rayon explains, “Most web marketplaces require a lot of time to post an online listing. First you need to register with the site by filling out a web form. Then […]

Developer Preview: The New Titanium Command Line Interface

A few weeks ago we debuted our new Titanium command line interface (CLI) at our annual CODESTRONG conference. Today we’re happy to announce the developer preview of our CLI. We’ve focused a great deal of energy on making our new developer tooling intuitive, fast and easy to use. We’ve unified around JavaScript as an essential […]

CODESTRONG 2012 Mobile Conference Wrap-up

Rainn Wilson of NBC’s “The Office” kicked off CODESTRONG Monday morning keynote, interrupting Jeff Haynie’s keynote. What a way to start a conference! It takes cutting-edge developers and innovative enterprises to be a part of the next-gen mobile revolution. And it takes one hell of a conference to bring them all together. On October 21-23, […]

Rainn Wilson Disrupts CODESTRONG

As Jeff Haynie took the stage at CODESTRONG and congratulated the incredible work of Hack to Help’s developer teams, he was interrupted by television sitcom The Office actor Rainn Wilson, who plays character Dwight Schrute.  Wilson joined the Conference via video conference, and thanked everybody for their efforts, reminding the crowd that he and his […]

Overheard at 2012 CODESTRONG Mobile Developer Conference

  What do you want your legacy to be in this world? Brian Blankenship, Clearly Innovative: I want to be known as a great father, a hardworking person who occasionally has a funny joke. Mauro: A better world. I’m working in a program to teach programming to orphan kids. I want to empower those kids, […]

$500,000 in Apps Donated to Charities at CODESTRONG’s All-Night Hackathon

Overnight, ten teams of hackers, a.k.a. mobile developers, burned the midnight oil to deliver brand-new apps to ten charities, helping these worthy causes to accelerate their fundraising efforts by tapping into the power of mobile.  Appcelerator professional services and engineers remained on site offering coaching, support, and troubleshooting from the event’s 9 pm Sunday kick-off […]

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