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Titanium Mobile BlackBerry Repository is Publicly Available

Appcelerator’s mission is to enable developers to deliver transformative mobile experiences across all major platforms.  During the CODESTRONG 2012 Mobile Developer Conference, we received requests from the mobile developer community for early access to the Titanium BlackBerry Platform.  Anticipating the launch of BlackBerry10 (BB10), our worldwide developers were eager to have early access the Titanium […]

Issue with Latest Android Tools on OS X

Android 4.2 arrived yesterday and community reports indicate there may be some issues with the release. Titanium testers are reporting an issue with the latest Android tools on OS X with a dual-monitor setup. Specifically, the following issues occur with Android SDK Tools rev. 21 and Android SDK Platform-tools rev. 16: If you launch an […]

Titanium SDK 2.1.4 Released

Titanium SDK contains 2.1.4 contains a number of new iOS and Android fixes, as well as official support for the iPad Mini and XCode 4.5.2. Highlights include: iOS — blur() callback fails to blur keyboard on textfields with custom toolbar. iOS — Packaging – Correct messages from being logged in xcode console in production apps. […]

Getting To Know Alloy (Part Two)

This blog post refers to a previous version of Alloy. For updated Alloy reference see the Official Alloy Guides. The following is the second in a series of in-depth posts introducing developers to Alloy, the new MVC framework for Titanium. The previous article in this series can be found here. Last time, we discussed some […]

The 6 Layers of Mobile Enterprise Security

Enterprises are starting to take mobile security seriously. That’s a pretty obvious statement to make, but is it really true? I’m not saying that security isn’t a concern, but are enterprises really doing enough to truly secure their mobile applications and data? Just recently, a report was published by researchers from Leibniz University of Hannover […]

Titanium SDK/Studio 3.0.0 Beta Now Available

We want your feedback early and often, and your input helps ensure we deliver the highest quality software possible. Today we release a beta of our 3.0.0 release–the newest version of our Titanium platform. Apart from the hundreds of fixes and improvements we’ve made since version 2.0, we have a number of new exciting items […]

Learn more about AT&T’s new Titanium Module

Guest Post – Kevin Griffin, AT&T’s Developer Program Learn more about AT&T’s new Titanium Module  Webcast – Thursday 11/15 at 10:00am PT We at AT&T are very excited about our recent integration with the Titanium platform. Join us on Nov 15 to learn how to easily integrate AT&T APIs using the Appcelerator Titanium module for the […]

Get FREE Entry to BB Jam Asia (and Become Eligible for a Free BB 10 Alpha Device!)

BlackBerry is inviting Titanium developers to register for BlackBerry Jam Asia for free! Go to and use promo code CJAG65 to get your free registration. BlackBerry Jam Asia is in Bangkok, Thailand on November 29-30th.  Join this showcase for mobile application developers that focuses on the bold, new direction BlackBerry® is heading with the upcoming BlackBerry® 10 platform. As an added bonus, RIM is giving […]

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