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The Surprising Secret Behind Family Dollar’s Mobile Reinvention

If you ask Siri where the closest Family Dollar is to your current location, our guess is it wouldn’t be more than a few miles away. Family Dollar (NYSE: FDO) is one of the fastest-growing discount retail chains in the country with 8,100+ stores and 58,000+ team members spread across 46 states. The organization has […]

Apple and Google Stumble?, Mobile Moments, Enterprise Architectures Shifting: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

1. Are Apple & Google Really Falling Behind on the Internet of Things? Goldman Sachs put out a list of the 17 tech stocks best positioned to capitalize on the surging Internet of Things category. Pundits were surprised to find two of the biggest names in connected devices left off: Apple and Google. Are the […]

First Utility: Using Mobile To Stand Out When Your Job Is To Keep the Lights On

About sixteen years ago, the U.K. deregulated its energy industry. That means customers in the U.K. can now pick and choose their energy providers as they please. The new environment translates to some big changes for incumbent energy providers, who are no longer guaranteed customers (as they are in most of the U.S.) Privatization created […]

tiConf EU 2014 Roundup

Originally posted by Fokke Zandbergen on All good things come to end and unfortunately the same is true for tiConf – just in time to join millions in watching the World Cup NED-MEX. When you’re done recovering from this nerve-wracking game, you can find our roundup of the conference here. We’ll try to continuously […]

May I Start You Off With Some Apps?: Restaurants Put Mobile Strategy on the Table

The foodservice industry isn’t well-known for embracing technology, but today’s restaurants, particularly quick-service ones, are diving headfirst into mobile and demonstrating that a little innovation can go a long way toward customer satisfaction. Burger King is rolling out a mobile app to allow customers to place orders, redeem coupons and pay with their smartphones. In […]

HomeKit, Moto360 and Doing Like the Natives Do: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

1. Is Homekit the Missing Link for Enterprise IoT? HomeKit made a big splash at WWDC this year, and since then much ink has been spilled speculating on what it means for the enterprise and for our daily lives. Sanjay Poonen of VMWare wrote on VentureBeat that HomeKit is the first big step toward a […]

Updating to Android r23 Tools

Google released an update (r23) to their Android developer tooling. This update has re-arranged the location of certain tools necessary to the Android build process causing builds to fail. Unless you explicitly need to upgrade we recommend you hold off updating until Titanium SDK 3.3.0 is released. However, if you have upgraded, a workaround is […]

Three Companies In “Traditional” Industries That Seized the Mobile Opportunity

While plenty of companies have sprouted with mobile-only business models (Uber, Instagram, Tripit, etc.) and others – notably social media companies such as LinkedIn and Facebook – have reoriented their entire offering around mobile, the mobile shift is also well underway inside companies that have been operating for decades. Companies of every shape have recognized […]

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