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Extending ScrollableView with Focus and Blur listeners

Today’s guest post comes from Titanium developer Uriel Lizama. Titanium’s ScrollableView provides a user interface object in which you can add views as “pages”, and move through them by swiping your finger. However, there’s a small problem when you have a complex set of pages: if you’re not careful, you may be loading too much […]

Featured Developer – John Anderson

In today’s “Featured Developer” post we’ll be talking with John Anderson, Titanium developer and author of the new Titanium book “Appcelerator Titanium: Up and Running.” Hear more about what motivates John to get involved in mobile development and his experience using Titanium. You can learn more about John’s new book in his upcoming O’Reilly webcast […]

Native vs. HTML5 – looked at objectively, the debate is over

Almost a year ago I wrote a white paper about Native versus HTML5 mobile app development, asking ‘Which option is best?’ Even then, the answer was pretty obvious: look at the question objectively, using a set of clear comparisons, and HTML5 is crushed by native development, even though HTML5 wins on a few points.  Strangely, […]

Webinar: Using Experience-driven Analytics to Improve the Success of Your Mobile Apps

Do you have the insights that you need to improve your mobile apps quickly and accurately? Development teams spend weeks building new mobile apps, which are released with great anticipation. Once in production, however, most enterprises struggle to understand how they perform, what features are being used the most, where the problems are, and how […]

Quick Tip: Increase the storage size of your Android Emulator

Are you tired of getting this error? This happens when you’re testing your App on your Android Emulator. After a couple runs, the virtual device runs out of space, and you have to start deleting apps…pretty annoying. Well, it’s easy to fix. It’s just a matter or increasing the storage size of your virtual device. […]

Titanium SDK/Studio 3.1.0 Release Candidate Now Available

Thank you for your quick feedback on our last beta. We’re pleased to announce our release candidate version of Titanium. As noted before, this release focuses on performance with a new ListView component and an average 20% across-the-board performance gain on iOS and an average across-the-board 36% performance gain on Android. We need your final feedback ASAP. […]

Featured Developer – Roman and Cristian Castillo

In today’s “Featured Developer” post we’ll be talking with brothers Roman and Cristian Castillo, the brains behind the poplar ‘instaDM‘ app and the their latest creation called ‘Like it!‘. Learn more about their inspiring story and how they developed a Titanium app between the two of them that went viral and got over 2M downloads. […]

Webinar: 5 Secrets to Deploy Secure Apps Your Employees Will Love

  Join Appcelerator and MobileIron for this webinar! As enterprises increasingly mobilize their employees, mobile apps for employees are storming to the front and center of corporate priorities. Securely building, deploying, and managing mobile apps isn’t impossible! In this webinar, “5 Secrets to Deliver Secure Apps Your Employees Will Love,” Appcelerator and MobileIron share 5 […]

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