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The Appcelerator Platform Summer ’14 Release is Live!

(Updated 08/04/2014 with link to launch webinar) Mobile apps are fast replacing web applications as the way we buy, share, search, learn and collaborate. This is true for pretty much everyone, even if we haven’t put it in so many words. The question before every modern enterprise is this: what does it mean to operate […]

API Builder: Focus on Innovation Rather Than Integration

Great enterprise apps are not stand-alone things. Fueled by data, they require connection to an exploding number of data sources, both within and outside of the enterprise. For most companies this has meant tedious hand-coding of specialized integrations to make data consumable for mobile. This approach though is a house built of straw – it […]

How The Appcelerator Platform Can Connect, Test, Manage & Measure Your Entire Native App Portfolio

Openness. Extensibility. Flexibility. When it comes to the way we engineer the Appcelerator Platform, these aren’t marketing buzzwords. They’re marching orders. For the latest proof, look no further than the Platform’s full support for native SDKs. This means the Appcelerator Platform’s entire suite of capabilities can now be applied to any app in a customer’s […]

Blackphones & Android Work: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Every week we recap the news and views that propel the enterprise mobility market forward, giving you a digestible glimpse into what matters when it comes to our post-Web world. The Blackphone Panacea? Heard of the Blackphone? For enterprises concerned about the “toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities” (Tim Cook’s words) that is the employee smartphone, this […]

3 Steps to Deal with Low Mobile App Adoption

Your worst nightmare has come true. No one is using the app your team spent months building. You’ve allocated precious time and resources tackling mobile, and now you’re starting to wonder if you’re ever going to see any return on your investment. Senior leadership is breathing down your neck and things are looking bleak as […]

The Surprising Secret Behind Family Dollar’s Mobile Reinvention

If you ask Siri where the closest Family Dollar is to your current location, our guess is it wouldn’t be more than a few miles away. Family Dollar (NYSE: FDO) is one of the fastest-growing discount retail chains in the country with 8,100+ stores and 58,000+ team members spread across 46 states. The organization has […]

Apple and Google Stumble?, Mobile Moments, Enterprise Architectures Shifting: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

1. Are Apple & Google Really Falling Behind on the Internet of Things? Goldman Sachs put out a list of the 17 tech stocks best positioned to capitalize on the surging Internet of Things category. Pundits were surprised to find two of the biggest names in connected devices left off: Apple and Google. Are the […]

First Utility: Using Mobile To Stand Out When Your Job Is To Keep the Lights On

About sixteen years ago, the U.K. deregulated its energy industry. That means customers in the U.K. can now pick and choose their energy providers as they please. The new environment translates to some big changes for incumbent energy providers, who are no longer guaranteed customers (as they are in most of the U.S.) Privatization created […]

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