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Where Have all the Enterprise Apps Gone?: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Point: What’s with the Dearth of Enterprise Apps? This week Mobile Enterprise ran an opinion piece from 451 Research’s Chris Marsh asking where all the enterprise apps are. It’s a valid question. There’s no lack of mobile devices in enterprises today, but mobile apps with enterprise capabilities have been slow to appear. Most companies have […]

New in SDK 3.4 – iOS 8 Interactive Notifications

As you know, earlier this month we announced support for iOS 8. One of the new iOS 8 features included in the 3.4.0 SDK is the capability of sending “Interactive Notifications”, with which you can show a notification while the app is running in background, and allow the user to interact with it without having […]

Appcelerator Studio/SDK 3.4.0 GA is Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of our Appcelerator Studio/SDK 3.4.0 GA, providing full support for iOS 8 and iPhone 6. (This follows our RC version, released the same day as iOS 8.) This release delivers the rich capabilities made available by iOS 8, including TouchID and Local Interactive Notifications. We want to thank […]

iOS 8 Crushes Android OS Adoption: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Could Apple Pay Spell the End of BYOD? Here’s an angle you might not be thinking about when it comes to Apple Pay (set for release this very week): Could the service actually spell the end of the BYOD movement? The CEO of, Yaacov Cohen, went on record with arguing that the need […]

Using Mobile APIs To Win In The Experience Economy

Fifteen years ago in an article for the Harvard Business Review, B. Joseph Pine and James Gilmore predicted the rise of what they called an Experience Economy. Their premise was that businesses, facing the commodification of almost every type of good or service, would be driven to offer exceptional experiences to customers as the last […]

Gone Fishing: Q&A with Matt Congrove on Developing for the Pebble Smartwatch

This summer, Pebble and the XDA Forums held a developer contest for the Pebble Smartwatch. Out of a couple hundred submissions, 20 finalists were chosen and then three winners. Our own Matt Congrove, a solutions architect here at Appcelerator (and huge wearables fan) decided to throw his hat into the ring. He was selected as […]

Samsung and PayPal Team Up, Ford Looks Forward and More: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

App Engagement On the Rise A new report from Localytics published this week was filled with promising news for mobile developers. TechCrunch reported on the study, which showed that in-app user engagement is up 21% since 2013, as measured by the average time users are spending inside of their apps. These findings support reports from […]

Announcing our iOS 8 Support with Appcelerator SDK/Studio 3.4.0 Release

Update: we’ve now released our official Studio/SDK 3.4.0 GA providing support for iOS 8 and iPhone 6. You can read more about this release in this blog post. iOS 8 is here! As Apple releases iOS 8 we release our support for it in our RC version of Appcelerator SDK/Studio 3.4.0. You now can take […]

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