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Writing the Playbook: The Sports Industry’s Mobile Strategy

A few weeks ago, we highlighted some of the ways the airline industry is deploying mobile technology to improve the travel experience for both its staff and its customers. Another arena making hay with mobile is the sports industry. While the business of running a team used to be conducted primarily with clipboards, whiteboards and […]

Alpha Version of Titanium SDK 64-bit Support Now Available

Update! New RC2 Posted Starting February 1st 2015 Apple will require that all App Store submissions be compiled using the iOS 8 SDK, and support 64-bit architectures. We’ve completed the first pass at our support for 64-bit builds on iOS. You will note the bump in versions to 3.5.0, as this build requires iOS modules […]

Target App Maps Black Friday Deals & More: This Week in Mobility

New App Features Help Target Customers Navigate Stores Last week, Target released a new feature for their customer-facing app that allows store patrons to locate merchandise as pins on a map. The Point Inside technology is similar to map applications that direct users around town, allowing shoppers to navigate aisles to find exactly what they’re […]

Adding Transparent Background to Your Views

When you’re working with views, at some point you’ll need to add some transparency to the background, for example if you have text on top of an image and you want to make sure the text is readable. This was the case of the PhotoMEME app that I explain how to build in my book […]

The Mobile Appification of the Enterprise: Thoughts from Web Summit 2014

Bono. Guinness. Mobile. That’s how I spent my days at the Dublin Web Summit along with 22,000 others. A total whirlwind, but what an event. I was there to offer up the mobile perspective in three different arenas. Not surprising, the concept of “mobile replacing the web” was hardly an elephant in any room there, […]

Tech Giants Battle Over the Enterprise Market and More: This Week in Mobility

Tech Giants Battle over the Mobile Enterprise Market Apple is currently dominating the enterprise mobility market, with iOS holding 69 percent of the market compared to the one percent share held by Microsoft, according to Good Technology’s latest Mobility Index Report, which was released last week. And with Apple’s new IBM partnership already bearing fruit, […]

Titanium SDK/Studio 3.4.1 GA Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the GA version of Titanium SDK and Studio that offers compatibility with Android 5.0. This release addresses the following: Critical compatibility bugs with Android 5.0. Fixes for issues with Google maps not displaying correctly. Corrects issues with the latest Android build tools, version 21. Please read our release notes for a […]

Cross-Platform Social Network Sharing

Update : This module is also available as an Alloy Widget One of the coolest things of building mobile apps is the capability of sharing text and images with social networks. Allowing your users to share status updates to Twitter and Facebook (among other) can increase your user engagement because not only said status updates […]

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