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We’ve had many requests for Windows 8 support, and we’ve been working hard on it. Our aim was to release something by December 2013, but we’re not there yet.

As announced in July, we’re pushing really hard on Ti.Next. We knew from the start that we’d want to build Windows 8 support into Ti.Next off the bat, but now we’ve realized that means not building Windows 8 support for Ti.Current. This was a tough choice, but it will lead to our next generation of technology being in your hands sooner, with the downside being a bit longer wait before we can offer Windows 8.

In December, we released support for Windows Hybrid to a select set of customers. Our Windows Hybrid solution supports both Windows 8 phones and Windows 8 tablets. During compilation of the Titanium-built app, a WebView is created that wraps the Titanium code. A hybrid application is then created that can be uploaded to the Windows App Store. Once we get enough feedback from this limited release, we will make our Windows Hybrid support generally available.

We will be releasing a developer preview version that is Hyperloop based and includes native Windows support in Q1 followed by a beta release in Q3 of Ti.Next. Our new official release date for Ti.Next is now planned for Q4 2014.

I will continue to provide status updates on these capabilities over the coming months.


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