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I am pleased to announce the general availability of our latest Titanium release, version 3.1.2.

Key updates

New in this release is support for multiple operating system versions, including:
  • GA support for BlackBerry 10.x
  • Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) support
  • Beta support of iOS 7
    • The upcoming release of iOS7 (planned for the end of September) introduces major changes and new features. Start migrating your apps now!

Other new features

  • Titanium Alloy now supports dynamic styling. For more information, please read the Dynamic Styling Guide.
  • Support for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android push notifications. Please see the “Push Notification” section in the ACS: Android SDK guide for more details. You can also view the Titanium.CloudPush docs.

For Appcelerator Platform customers using Appcelerator Studio

In addition to the above capabilities, Appcelerator Studio also includes the following updates:
  • GA support for Live View
    • Thanks to all our enterprise customers and Titans for their valuable feedback during our recent beta program.
  • Code Analyzer can now export data. Now you can store the analyzer data where you want.

Downloading Titanium 3.1.2

For new users, download Titanium 3.1.2 by clicking here. For existing Titanium & Appcelerator Studio users, you will be prompted to update automatically on the next restart. You can also manually check for updates by selecting the “Check for Titanium SDK Updates” or “Check for Appcelerator Updates” from the “Help” menu within Studio. As always I want to thank our 490,000-strong community of developers for your constant feedback and support. For a full list of all changes and improvements in this release, please read the release notes.