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As most of you know, Microsoft recently released their latest O.S., Windows 8, which along with the desktop version comes in two mobile flavors:

  • Windows Phone 8 – available on devices by Huawei, HTC and Samsung
  • Windows 8 RT – available on tablets such as the Microsoft Surface

From an architectural perspective, both these platforms are quite different, as are their development APIs. This poses challenges for developers who need to develop two separate codebases to support a single app on both platforms (not unlike the challenges of creating an app for iOS and Android).

As you all know, Titanium is an open, extensible development platform for creating native apps across different mobile devices and OS’s. Titanium today provides deep support for iOS and Android platforms, and we recently announced a technology preview for the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

Today I wanted to share our plans for supporting Windows 8 in response to questions from our community and customer base.

We first demonstrated some initial Windows 8 functionality at our CODESTRONG conference in October. Currently we plan to release Window 8 support in the second half of this year for both Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms.

This release will allow developers to build apps that run on both Microsoft platforms – all from a single JavaScript codebase.

If you have any Windows-specific APIs and functions that you are prioritizing for your applications, please let us know by adding your comments on this post below.

We look forward to working with all of you this year and please remember to always Code Strong!