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We’ve just released a new version of Titanium Studio, Studio 3.0.1, which fixes several high-priority issues:

TISTUD-3062 – Unable to install modules via Dashboard my modules section.
TISTUD-3064 – iOS: Unable to select mobile provisioning profile.
TISTUD-3071 – Studio loses connection settings on restart.

Note that 3.0 introduced a new dependency on the Python OpenSSL module for working with provisioning profiles. This was not identified as a dependency because OpenSSL is included in the default Python installation on OS X. However, if you are using a non-default version of Python, you must install the PyOpenSSL and PyCrypto modules. If you still cannot select mobile provisioning profiles after installing Studio 3.0.1, you may need to install these modules.

If you don’t know whether you have the modules installed, you can test whether the modules are installed by attempting to import crypto from the OpenSSL module:

If the import statement returns no errors, the modules are installed.

If you installed Python using MacPorts or Homebrew, use the same utility to install PyOpenSSL and PyCrypto.