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We have a great community project to highlight today – David Riccitelli (follow @ziodave on Twitter here) has developed a pure JavaScript oAuth helper library for Titanium Mobile (today it’s iPhone only, but if you check out source on Google Code I’m sure one of us can rectify that).

If you’d like to use it, your first step is to register your application at Twitter’s developer site. Once you do that, you should be able to grab your application’s consumer key and shared secret:

Once your app is set up, you’re ready to integrate David’s Twitter library. Create a new Titanium Mobile project, and under the Resources directory, create a /lib folder. In this directory, you will place the required JavaScript files for David’s library – all three files are linked from David’s guide:

Your next step is to integrate Twitter for fun and profit! In app.js, drop in the following code to see a simple example in action:

You’ll find that once you have signed in once to Twitter, you will be able to successfully update your stream without re-authorizing, as David is storing your authorization token locally. Very cool stuff, thanks David! David also recently published this quick video demonstration of his Twitter library in action in his own (also cool) Titanium app, which is embedded below. Please show David some love for his very useful contribution!

Twitter OAuth in Titanium from David Riccitelli on Vimeo.

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